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Give me sum help!
« on: December 16, 2002, 05:39:57 PM »
I have to make a powerpoint presentation for my class and I chose to do mine on how special effects have evolved in movies. I was guna do shit like star wars, jurrasic park the matrix but I dont wanna do that anymore.  After watching the making of band of brothers last nite I am thinking of doing my presentation on Band Of Brothers because there was loads of special effects used in the series.  

But I need some advice on what kind of shit I can do, I really want to get a great mark in this assignment because I love doing this kind of stuff so I basically wanna blow my class away with my presentation.  Got any good ideas for me to use, I was thinking about recording my voice and saying shit like the Germans are less than 200 yards away and shit like that and complaing that it is cold and I will lower the air con down in my class room so it actually gets cold.   Yer get me.

I want this presentation to be amazing but be on point because after all I have to talk about the effects in the series and not just go over the story. SO come on help me and drop your ideas.