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« on: December 18, 2002, 11:01:47 PM »
Out of curiosity... who here enjoys philosophy?  Who do you enjoy?

If you don't have a particular philosopher you like, we all have our own set of philosophical beliefs.  What are some of yours?

I'm a fairly firm believer in determinism as explained in my thread on the Existence of Free Will.  The only other philsopher that has had a major impact on my thinking is Ayn Rand.  Although honestly, I'm not well versed on this subject.

Other philosophical beliefs I possess... firstly I think philosophy is a means to an end only.  In other words it helps you achieve your aspirations, but shouldn't be your only aspiration.  

The only other major philsophical belief I have, if you want to call it that, is a focus on the future.  That wasn't worded well.  Basically, I believe the past doesn't matter once its gone.  You only feel the present moment.  Because of this you should base your current actions on your future intentions.  Dont live for the moment, live for the future.  Because one day the future will come and if you aren't prepare your in trouble.  People often want their youth to be the best years of their life.  That is completely illogical to me.  When people say "enjoy your youth" it makes no sense.  This statement seems to imply that your youth is more valuable than any other time in your life.  In actuality, evey moment of your life is equally as valuable.  Every moment of your life is equally as emotional.  The statement "enjoy your youth" assumes that your future won't be so sad if you can enjoy your time now.  Like the enjoyment from your youth sort of disperses itself overtime until you die.  This is not the case.  Whatever you enjoy in your youth, when its gone its gone.  Therefore, fuck the statement "enjoy your youth".  I believe in enjoy your life.  I can be equally as happy in old age as I can in my youth.  And investments only work progressively.  You can't derive all the happiness from your old age and compress it into your youth, but you can "sacrifice" that idea of "enjoy your youth" in place of the idea of "enjoy as much of your life as possible, given sacrifices may have to be made."  The earlier a sacrifice is made the more value is derived from it.  Its like investing in the stock market, if I start tommorrow I'll end up with more than if I start in a year.

If a read a book tommorrow it will be with me to benefit my life from that moment on.  If I wait til old age, it might be too late.

Thats all from me for now.  Any other thoughts? Opinions?


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« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2002, 12:27:36 AM »
I love St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Jesus, Plato, Aristotle (I don't really go by who I agree with, just by how interesting they are to me)

I agree with your start today philosophy.  I think people in general that don't succeed as well as they should, it's usually because they have a pessimistic attitude and dwell on the past. I hate the word "regret" because that focuses on trying to fix things in the past.  

Another philosophy of mine is that no body really has it 'harder' in life, emotionally speaking, at least.  Like, for me, my dad died a couple years ago... most people would be like "Oh, that would be so tuff" but I think if we DONT have traumatic experiences like that, that we make our own... like, I was poor when I was young, and didn't have a lot of toys, but a rich kid would probably feel just as bad, only he'd be mad that he didn't have 2 powerwheels, or whatever.