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CREDITS: Custom Made - Hi-Def
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01 Hi-Def (Intro)
prod. by THX

02 Touch a Pen ft. Woozy and Paradox
prod. by Terminall

03 Watch That ft. Mac Lucci
prod. by THX

04 Don't Leave Me ft. S-Mak
prod. by High-P

05 Hip-Hop
prod. by Akatsoki

06 Dopamine (Interlude)

07 Picture Me Rollin' ft. Paradox and Woozy
prod. by Abstrakt Soundz

08 Gravel Swag ft. Woozy and S-Mak
prod. by Terminall

09 Oooh Baby ft. Six prod. by Jayem

10 LA Steeze ft. Woozy
prod. by Terminall
11 Crime Life prod. by Severe

12 Ode 2 Colt (Interlude)

13 Flow-Five ft. S-Mak prod. by Animoss

14 Easy on Yourself
prod. by Abstrakt Soundz