Author Topic: That nigga Ice cube sells 22, 000 in first week ( or should I say , WEAK ? )  (Read 2176 times)


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raekwon is old but he put out a quality album that appeals to his fanbase not the mainstream and that sold well...........cube is a big name that coulda done the same but this shit had alot of garbage thats why even his stans didnt buy it

Our Detox who Flop in heaven,
overrated be thy name,
thy wackness come,
thy will be done,
in Cali as it is in Europe,
give us this day our early leaks,
and forgive us our bootleggers,
for we promote those who bootleg the wankstas,
and lead us not into some gay shit,
but deliver us from wiggers,



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At the end of the day, some people was feelin the album, others were not.  None can say this was a tight album from beginning to end.  Many skips on this album.  1 or 2 tight tracks, does not make a classic. 8)

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Ice Cube still doing better than your fav. rapper (unless your fav rapper is Cube). He keeps his money being indie. There's no label taking 10% from his shows, from his promo's. Every week, the anthem played for Prime Time on NFL Network, is Ice Cube. There's no label taking 50% from that. Cube gets paid more from 22k than Rick Ross gets from 200K
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