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Dirty secrets of Oprah
« on: November 08, 2010, 07:31:05 AM »
Jacky Jasper just posted an interesting article on Oprah. It's written in his "who is Jacky talking about" format, so he's not mentioning her by name. Source

She’s a television host, actress, philanthropist and producer who was born under the Chinese zodiac sign of horse — so you better be careful or she’ll kick you like she did Michael Jackson.

Don’t believe me? Ask his brother Randy.

Her hometown is Mississippi. That’s where she was born into poverty to a teenage mother. She once said she was so poor that as a child she adopted two cockroaches as her pets.

Now, she is so successful that she once held the sole title of being the only black billionaire in the world. Her story is one of extreme interest. That’s why Kitty Kelley wrote a biography on our blind item but that plan proved to backfire on the author. Know why? Because Kitty couldn’t promote the book with top talking heads like Larry King, Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters and Rachel Ray refusing to grant the author face time. That may be because our blind item discovered that some of her relatives were interviewed for the book, revealing that our then teen blind item once sold her body into prostitution…WTF!!!!

Kitty’s book is reportedly a no holds barred account of our blind item’s life, pointing to landscaper James Van Sweden as admitting our blind item’s longtime relationship with her boyfriend is fake, and that the couple has never even shared the same bedroom. Plus, it’s revealed that our blind item paid her ‘fake’ boyfriend a hefty sum to not mention that she’s a lesbian. And, her brother is exposed as being a gay crackhead who died from AIDS.

Also, her cousin Katherine Carr Esters said as a child our blind item was so bad after she got caught stealing from her mothers purse she was sent to live with her father. That same cousin also said our blind item was not raised in a home of poverty, and was a spoiled child. Now, I must wonder if Kitty’s book was a bunch of lies, and why hasn’t our blind item sued her?

Our blind item would have you believe that she was raped at nine-years-old by her 19-year-old male cousin, but her 74-year-old father Vernon explains that she said that to solely land sympathy from her audience. Her father is not a stupid dude. He too was once set to write a tell-all book about her life because he needed money, but the book never came out. Know why? Because the lawyers for our blind item silenced him by cutting him a healthy check to disappear mane.

Now, I’m hearing a former flight attendant who worked on our blind item’s private jet filed lawsuit against our blind item for allegedly making racist remarks. That flight attendant also alleges that our blind item and her friends are super freaks, and that our blind item is addicted to Ambien sleeping pills and partakes in drug binges.

There’s more — the flight attendant added that she witnessed another flight attendant smashing the blind item’s lesbian lover on the plane. Is our blind item a swinger too? I don’t know, but I do know that our blind item banned the word BITCH from from her new television network.

Some say our blind item is down with the teachings of Aleister Crowley because she’s into backward masking, but I say she should just come out of the closet because everyone knows that her and her girlfriend G.K. are lesbian lovers.

Don’t you agree?

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Re: Dirty secrets of Oprah
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2010, 09:43:11 PM »
Strange article...  only thing I know is that Oprah seems like an uncanny robot to me. 

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Re: Dirty secrets of Oprah
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mississip is a STATE not a "town" lmao
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Re: Dirty secrets of Oprah
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