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Nytowl - The Eclipse
« on: December 25, 2002, 03:34:31 PM »
Nytowl – The Eclipse

1. The birth…intro
2. Village of the dammed…Great gangsta production with a touch of darkness.  Nytowl flows perfectly to the beat with some well thought of lyrics.  5/5
3. Ntytrain…Again, a dope flow, this time to a faster-tempo beat.  The Twins provide a nice sounding hook.  4/5
4. Hustlin’…A+ quality production you can’t help but nod your head to.  Gemini does the hook, which is somewhat hypnotic.  5/5
5. Keep it movin’…A tight song basically about hustlin’.  The chick on the hook sounds good and the beat is well above average.  4/5
6. Power movements…Slow production track featuring Pops One, Oz, and Cas Capone along with Nytowl.  Everybody does a great job on the mic, but the hook sets it off.  4/5
7. Pay the piper…An overall dark feeling track which features Killah Priest.  Both are tight as hell on the song.  Catchy hook.  4/5
8. On deck…Average gangsta beat.  Decent sounding song, but nothing amazing.  3.5/5
9. R.I.P….Perfect production by DJ Uneek.  An dope ass unreleased Eazy-E verse opens up the track and Nytowl does the last 2 verses, which are tight as well.  5/5
10.   The haters…insert
11.   Jealousy…Good production and flow.  Gemini lays down a decent hook.  3.5/5
12.   The heat…This has an old school feel to it.  Nytowl shows off his lyrical skills heavy over an average sounding beat.  The hook by Rocque LaCrosby sounds silly and should have been cut out.  3.5/5
13.   Mad flava…A considerably slow beat.  Nytowl rides the track well for two verses.  The hook consists of vocals lifted from ‘Vapors’, which adds a nice effect.  4/5
14.   Kingpin familia…Features the Kingpin family.  A decent beat.  Not a bad track.  3.5/5
15.   No ˝ steppin’…Dope flow and nice beat.  4/5
16.   Tonyt…A decent fuck song.  The beat seems to be lacking something though.  3.5/5
17.   Come one come all…The production has a wide range of changes of variations in the beat.  Overall, it’s a different sounding track that’s difficult to explain.  3.5/5
18.   Wicked wit the sound…A tight gangsta track repping California.  Great flow and delivery.  Good hook.  4/5
19.   Nyt visions…outro


A highly under-rated and slept on album.  Nytowl’s gutteral lyricism is mixed with DJ Uneek’s quality production.  The CD loses a bit of momentum toward the end, but no song is really worth skipping overall.  Nytowl represents well on this solo LP.



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Re:Nytowl - The Eclipse
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2003, 01:16:09 AM »
can you hook me up wit this album dogg???

i really wanna check it

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