Author Topic: [Video-Snippet] Suga Free's New track prod. Rick Habana & Engineered by DJ Quik  (Read 371 times)


Real Laidback track, from Free & Habana, Rick be droppin' that smooth shit,
and with quik's touch on the engineering tip, sound's
just right.. Enjoy!
also lookout for  Street Gospel 2!


props man, this sounds a lot like a street gospel 2011 vibe. awesome 8)


This beat is fire. Somebody should post the full track as soon as it's available. This is some crack that this nigga needs.
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it's gone. i want to hear it.

and where is the book of david?

Mista Rosa

damn the video is gone! >:(
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Go to google n search for suga free hot air balloon. the link to should still work.
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damn that sounds good!  cant wait for some more suga free and quik songs!


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This gone be some Fly ish......... 8)

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Sounds dope as hell! When is Street Gospel 2 gonna drop?


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this is real west coast hip hop
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