Author Topic: Trauma: observation about Jesus/Lucifer  (Read 107 times)

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Re: Trauma: observation about Jesus/Lucifer
« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2001, 05:24:09 AM »
this puts me in mind of a story so read this:

God and I were having a little talk one day and he kept saying the words even to the least of these in my spirit........I wanted to know what he meant by this,even to the least of these.........then also he told me and you can find it in the bible Jesus and God can use anyone to spread his word and I wanted to know what that meant and I swear I heard go across the street.Well across the street was a hook,I said what you want me to go to her,why?He said even to the least of I went over there....when I got over there,she said hey lady would you like me to pray over you?I said how can you use your mind and body for one thing then use it for totally another that has nothing to do with another not judging just wanting to know.......she told me even to the least of these..........a few weeks later her pimp started beating her up almost every day because she was passing out the word instead of giving head but it didn't stop her,she found what she wanted to do........then one day she disapeared,,,,,turned out homegirl found a church to go to and turned her life that story may not seem like much to you,but here is the point it does not matter where you are at Jesus can use you anyway...............Just remember that,you can't go anywhere that he can't........
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