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CREDITS: Sly Polaroid - Honor Me
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*official mixtape*

1. Intro

2. Chi-Town (feat. Twista)
Produced by Boogz Da Beast

3. Stop Lyin'
Produced by Emmaculate

4. Gangsta Gangsta
Produced by Emmaculate

5. There Was A Time Skit

6. Hustlin' & Gamblin'
Produced by N.O. Joe

7. Bump J Speaks 1

8. Long Line (feat. Bump J & Brainz Hustla)
Produced by No ID

9. In The Middle Of It (feat. Kaos Da Killa & KID)
Produced by IllMind

10. Can't Get Away (feat. Kobe)
Produced by Basement 51 & Emmaculate

11. Stone Love
Produced by J.U.I. of RPZ

12. White Boy (feat. Bishop Ford, Brainz Hustla, Bo Deal, & King)
Produced by Chase Davis

13. Destined For Greatness
Produced by Phewcha

14. Concrete Rose (feat. Kaye Fox & Ben One)
Produced by Fame

15. Soul of a Gangsta (feat. Mikkey Halsted, Count, & J Hollins)
Produced by Emmaculate

16. The Bad Guy
Produced by Emmaculate

17. Love Me (feat. Kaye Fox)
Produced by Emmaculate

18. Bump J Speaks 2

19. Honor Me (feat. Trouble Man)
Produced by Wild Beats Team

20. Sly Polaroid Outro