Author Topic: Yukmouth On His Rap Beef With The Game! "Your Own Backyard Throwing Beers At U"  (Read 1398 times)


hahahahahaha some mad funny shit.... he's crazy. must love that dude ;D

Detox 2000Never

tyranasaurus rex like fuck a bitch
i once saw a pterdactyl fuck a bitch
eat a bowl these bitch gobbling dick
hoes forgot to eat a dick a shut the fuck up
roll through crenshaw on my pterdactyl like what up!
By kevin t as Kurupt :D


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Didn't yukmouth get kidnapped in his own "backyard"?

TWICE that we know of... think its time alot of these old head rappers started looking at getting a 9-5,

"I've been robbed, stuffed in a trunk then
Dumped in a f**kin' alleyway head lookin' like a pumpkin"

New Testament outro

he's like that one kid you had in school which you would just slap for no reason