Author Topic: pre-order GATE WON - DEEP COMPRESSION SESSIONS now  (Read 55 times)

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« on: January 04, 2003, 11:29:21 PM »
aight n the final stages of recording....
and will be mixing, mastering & pressing the CDs ASAP after that.....
& i know a few of yall been waiting quite a while 4 me 2 drop the EP....
and this is why this topic was posted....4 yall......

if u havent heard alot from me previously its not on accident.....
i dont promote myself on the net alot...............
i come on the here 2 relax a lil bit and chop it up with coo people......
not tryna shove my music down their throat...
if ud like 2 place ur order right now theyre going 4 $10 shipped
and u will receive ur copy as soon as theyre n my hands......
leave ur email on this post and i will hit u on how 2 obtain it
anyway......heres the tentative traklist
(as i might change a few here & there when the final mix is n place)
and any song u see underlined is already 4 listen right now....

1. Ego Trip (G.A.T.E.W.O.N.)
2. Summn 2 Say
3. Stayin Cloaked
ft Criminal Mind
4. Brain Rot (remix)
5. Deep Compression Sessions
6. A.I.D.S.
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Keep My Rank Up
ft Mista Drawmuh
9. Make It Out

and HERES sum snippets from
(as well as a verse and chorus
4 WCCs own named I-BO)
remember these havent been mixed 4 shit....
juss summn 4 the folks on the net 2 hear.....
4 any1 that has never heard me b4,
id appreciate feedbac on these cuts as well......

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