Author Topic: [**NEW**] LBC Crew – Haven’t You Heard [**REMASTERD **] w/ BONUSES!!  (Read 11330 times)


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Great work, man! Can´t wait for the full version of your remastered cd 8)


Efrain you need to send this to WideAwake - they should hire you for remastering their albums ;D


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The samples do sound much better than what WA released. You did a very good job remastering this, props on the spot. Wouldn't mind hearing the rest of it though.

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addendum: this shit sound so crisp and clear, wow! can't wait for the rest of it... 8)

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good work! thanks for doin this - ill like to have a link in my inbox if i may 8)


This is really good, I guess your version is going to my iPod. Have you used the cdq of Dippin’ in my Low Low from a compilation which was posted recently as a reference too?


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good job! thanx


Here is the CDQ of Dippin In My Low Low from The Mob Tales compilation if you need it, but It's probably too late now.


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great job man! These sound perfect propz.Thanks


+1 for your effort, Efrain.  Samples sound good.  Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.


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Sounds amazing ! Definitely gonna listen to this rather then the WA version. Props, Efrain ! Can't wait to hear the other songs ! 8)

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It sounds amazing. :drool: Very good job Efrain!! Thanks.

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these tracks clearly prove that Wideawake is clearly clueless on how to remaster or rerelease this classic music..clips soumd i can finally listen to the cd...i was so disgusted with the sound quality i didnt even listen to lo t....props for the hard work!


sounds nice bro! if you get a chance hook a link to it, thanx for taking the time to do shit like that sounds more balanced...