Author Topic: [**NEW**] LBC Crew – Haven’t You Heard [**REMASTERD **] w/ BONUSES!!  (Read 14497 times)


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Listeninng to the intro right now and it sounds fantastic. Can't wait to bump the rest of the album. Thanks for doing this man.

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i'd love to get the full Efrain   good work
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Really nice that you did a such thing for this "very long awaited" record and I'm curious to hear the whole mastered/mixed version now  8)
Thanks for the effort put into this project Efrain  ;)


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Finally... the long awaited Efrain remaster of the Lbc Crew album has arrived in the forum. From the clips you posted, the audio quality is vastly superior and more refined..Outstanding job man.   


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Damn! good work pimp . Can I have the link?


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Shit is bangin', good lookin' out

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awesome work man


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nice touch up on your side, i hope the people support the album and don't be just cheap leechers.


Thanks for the work! It really sounds better, the Remastered tag really does justice

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samples sound dope!! mucchhh richer sound. mad props.


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mad props dude! im bumpin' this right now! 8)



nice touch up on your side, i hope the people support the album and don't be just cheap leechers.

True. We need to support it so WA keeps putting out albums (even if the quality ain't all there, especially now that we got Efrain ;D), otherwise we can't complain when they stop because they aren't making money. I got the LBC Crew and Sneed's together off Amazon and it was worth it; two more for my collection. If it's worth downloading and burning to cd or putting on an mp3 player, imo, it's worth the purchase.
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should be great like your nate dogg LP remaster...will check it when 'tis made possible 8)


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I was gonna ask if that was you that remaster the Nate album. Damn major props for this LBC Crew remastering, that's an album i wanna hear in the best quality! Need a PM pimp! Thanks!
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Efrain remixed How Do U Want It onto some unreleased QDIII beat. It was dope. I lost it.

for real  :o i NEED to hear this !