Author Topic: [**NEW**] LBC Crew – Haven’t You Heard [**REMASTERD **] w/ BONUSES!!  (Read 15070 times)


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This is great news for sure! Big mad props to Efrain for his amazing job, you're da man!!!! Chuuuch! 8)


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curious to hear em, i was actually hoping one day u did changed man og
Efrain after that LBC remaster you gonna have a lot propositions like this ;D keep up the good work 8)

Yes, yesssss! 2pacalypse Now and Strictly 4 My N... with your new software, that's right Efrain!


damn that sounds job


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Nice work ! 8)

Tha Crip

major props homie, hook it up with a full link homie  8)
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please send the link...samples sounds good as hell!!!!
great work homie!


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damn good lookin out sounds dope as hell........i need to hear the rest of that shit.........

Quadruple OG

Wow, sounds much better than WA. Can't wait to get the link to listen to the whole thing, especially with "Head Doctor (OG)" remastered. Props.

By the way, how come the "Out The Moon" remix was left off?


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good job man sounds great!!!!


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niiice, thanks for all the hard work!  I will wait until i can bump the full Lp in my car before I offer any real review comments as this is where the original WA version dissappointed the most.  Can't wait to get the full version and bang it in the whooptee like this classic material was meant for!


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+1 sounds so much better
they should give you a job, like someone else said, send it to wideawake and show  them how its done.


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props...sound good
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Been waiting on this for a while...thanks !!


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dopeness! good work! need this asap :)

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damn i bought the widawake album and got it on my iphone
but now i wait till i got yours in my inbox and change it
thanxxx ´4 this man