Author Topic: [**NEW**] LBC Crew – Haven’t You Heard [**REMASTERD **] w/ BONUSES!!  (Read 15066 times)


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 8) thanks it's great work !, can you send the link please ?


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wow good job. this sounds really nice

Rodger Ramrod

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amazing job! now hook it up!


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Efrain, thank you so much for this. I really apreciate all the hard work and time you have invested in this. It's a shame that this has to be done by the fans and that WA is not albe to diliver this quality. Anyway, thanks. ....May I have a link  :)

Marc D

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Great Job on This!  Sounds AMAZING!!!  Hit me with that link  8)


man these sound great, awesome good, can't wait to hear the full thing!


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props, the final result is indeed amazing 8) but i already know you could do it, based on the nate dogg album :)

not all of the original files were bad, but the bad ones are bootleg quality so the remaster is really a nice replacement :cheers:


thx 4 the pm.
Gonna check at home, after work. ;) ;)


I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!




wow samples sound amazing. great job. lookin forward for the whole thing!

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 :o Thread of the year, right here.  Efrain, please PM me the link homie!!!  8) 8) 8)
"Detox" is a myth -- Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Area 51, Iraq having WMD, get it now?  It was invented by the Aftermath marketing department to maintain the fans' attention.  Notice how everytime a new Aftermath album is ready to come out, they always mention Detox is next up?  Because they are using the invention of "Detox" as a way to market other albums.  The sooner you realize that Detox is NOT REAL, the sooner you'll feel liberated.  Oh yeah, f.u. Aftermath for fooling us fans.


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Damn, checking out some of the samples right now. Sounds like a whole other album, amazing! You already got my PM, so you know whats up: link please!


:o Thread of the year, right here.  Efrain, please PM me the link homie!!!  8) 8) 8)


Hey Efrain thanks for the hard work man! I haven't got a chance to bump the samples in the ride yet but I'm listening to the samples at work right now as I'm typing this and it sounds really good, I can't wait to put the full album on a cd and bump the shit out of it! I'll give you more feedback on the quality of the mixing once I get to really hear it. Oh and good lookin' on adding the bonus songs to your finished version, I was planning on doing this myself but then the sound quality would have been off compared to your mix. Thanks again homie.
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Props for all your work it's appreciated indeed, haven't heard the samples I'd rather wait for the whole thing  8)

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