Author Topic: Just paid my respects @ New Hope Baptist Church. RIP Nathaniel Hale. [PHOTOS]  (Read 4813 times)


Thanks for providing the forum and readers outside (guests) with your experience and story.
It makes some of us feel like we were there or had a close idea of what it would've felt like to pay respect to the man.
As mentioned earlier, thank you for representing the fans because it's very much appreciated.
R.I.P. Nate Dogg from the UK!


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thanks for the pics!

David Gutterman

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  • dude, why?
thanks for the pics!
thanks for the pics and the story.



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great pics, and great story, RIP NATE!

Sir Petey

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Re: man Gang
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why you gotta disrespect like dat?

imagine if in the middle of a funeral niggas came in started selling bootleg polo and shit. beatdown like a mothafucka

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the bot's post title is "man Gang"

when i first saw that i thought it was Elaine-o Hilton with a new update on the "mandingo Gang"

dont know what that is but i bet Elaine does

or wait, is elano really just a bot?
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