Author Topic: Q&A With Warren G: Talks Memories Of Nate Dogg, Funny Industry People & Dr. Dre  (Read 1604 times)


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super dope read... looking forward to hearin them tracks wit game


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nice interview.

i think he's just being diplomatic with kush, i can't imagine that he isn't bothered by the hook.

as far as the hollywood comment, isn't it the same with dr.dre? ask dj yella, ice cube, sam sneed, rbx, erotic d. etc.
I've also got another portion of the interview I'll be bringing out soon...glad you guys liked it!
nice :)

of course he is. he says he's not dissing dre but "I'm talking to all these other motherf***ers who try to sound like him." if sly aint trying to sound like him i don't know who is...


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  • Karma: -8 In the 20+ years you all have been in the industry, you have one song together. Why is that?

Warren G: (laughs) That's something you got to ask him. I am ready, I'm ready. It's whenever, whatever, however. I'm always ready to do one with him. You got to ask him that. I can't answer that one. We supposed to do one on Detox, but he just says he has to find the right melody. I guess he hasn't found it yet. (laughs)

or... that's somewhat to an excuse to not feature you on his album smh
Damnit, I mean warren G was dope backinthosedays, & Dre did got talent too, I never understood why it seems like Dre didn't & still doesn't want to fuck with him.. I understand frustation which is coming from Gchild's side.

I mean, Dre did & does some work with all those ppl, even some "nobodies", but doesn't have time to only made like 2-3 songs with his halfbrother, who's got talent too (well, not lately lol, but not either from dre too lol) ??!!? wtf does it look like? seriously? Im saying shady move from that doctor, really

Whatever... Detox if it will indeed be released, will sound like a bad notes in his legacy, unless he decides to fuck again with the right ppl (Snoop, Sneed, DOC, Daz, Kurupt, MelMan, I mean the old crew) The Chronic, 2001, or Tha Aftermath presents, would not have been that good & famous if there were not all that ppl behind it, if that was all a Dre thang from beginning to end, if he would had fuck with all persons except from them^^ mentioned, period

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warren was on 1900-2-compton n deez nuttz...

both r classics...and he didnt even have 2 rhyme...

how many can do that...


why beat a dead horse..if didnt happen with will never happen...


Here's a list of all dr dre / warren g collabos...

N.W.A. - 1900-2-compton (skit)

Dr. Dre - Deez Nuts [intro skit]

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Aint No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None (feat. Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Warren G)

Warren G - Game Don't Wait (Dr. Dre Remix f/ Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Xzibit)

Warren G - Lookin At You (feat. LaToiya Williams)

Phatts Bossi - Through the Rain [Produced by Dr. Dre and Warren G]

Knoc-turn'al - Str8 West Coast Remix (feat. Xzibit, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Shade Sheist)

Its weird because dre seemed to be kickin it with warren g a lot in the late nwa / early death row days. Since then its like he really doesn't fuck with him
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