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Mastering the tunes
« on: July 02, 2011, 02:31:14 AM »
Mastering is the final stage of music making. It is a process that adds a great deal of sonic cohesiveness and finesse to the record. Most of the records are sent for mastering once the recording and mixing is done. However, some may consider this technical process of less value. Mastering should not be forgone on any respects. The process offers a great deal of polish to the records. The advantages of mastering are immense:
The mastering makes the sound clear, loud and professional. This would ensure that the tracks are easily played on any commercial medium. The mastered tracks are radio ready.
When mastering is performed, the musical tracks are heard with a new perspective. In such a circumstance, the issues that are not detected by a recording engineer are found out by the mastering engineer.
Mastering the music is necessary for the music to come out sounding clear and professional. This is done by adding eq and compression, wherever required.  The musical track is compressed to an extent that the dynamics are not lost.
The mastered song can be played on any medium and not just the one, on which it was created.
The mastering services are now also available online. Online mastering services are highly affordable and easy to masteringservices are not necessarily hard to get. This has ensured that the tracks are always mastered before they are sent for conversion to CD. The mastered tracks are way more superior to amateur non-mastered tracks.