Author Topic: Sid Speaks On Following Your Heart  (Read 51 times)

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Sid Speaks On Following Your Heart
« on: December 11, 2001, 12:12:39 PM »
I have discovered why so many of us have trouble following our heart! Its NOT because we dont know what we want, its not because we dont see it, or its out of reach...its cause we doudt that we even DESERVE it or have the RIGHTS to claim it! Thats what a set-back does to you, it re-enforces your own question that what you desire most, you cant have or not good enough to have it...! It's so much easier to just accept where you are cause then you dont have to feel dont have to "prove" anything! I mean, to ACTUALLY try "get" what you love??? man..haha..thats some energy you gotta muster up!! I guess we start to wonder if somebody ELSE deserves what you start to think that "maybe im not meant for this..." and thats the whole struggle...thats why so many of us will WORK WORK WORK at something, but, once a obstacle shows itself, we just say "see, i KNEW it!!!" *smile*! It can be in a relationship, in your carrer, in YOURSELF!!!
So, heres my tip...heres the truth!! Whatever is in your heart, YOU DESERVE!! Im not talking about what you gotta "convince" yourself of...i mean, what is TRULY in your heart! What you cant deny, what makes you smile, what brings you joy...what makes you feel you are 'BEING (not finding) yourself' just feels natural.. You dont have to "work" at it cause you just know its dont have to "try get it" cause you GOT it!! Understand? I feel most of us are caught up in a lie...what looks appealing to the eye and attractive to the mind overrules what is peaceful to the suffacates what is loving to the soul!! You wonder why we could possibly make such a choice is cause of FEAR!! I mean, again, you just think you dont deserve it! You might KNOW you do, you just WANDER, then WONDER!!...


I wish i had the simple answer to make everybody choose what is on their heart, but, i cant do that...its a choice! Its up to you not to lie to yourself, its up to you to accept yourself for whatever you love, whoever you love...i mean, you can lie all you want to yourself, but, the truth is known...let me put it this way...if you arent feeling joy for whatever you do, (only numb) if what you are doing in your life doesnt make you excited or make your heart skip a beat every now and then, you know it aint your heart your following! Once you can begin to FOCUS on what your heart feels more than what your mind thinks, just let God do the rest...he will listen! The whole piont is to reach a stage you are living FROM where you see yourself, not from a standpoint of TRYING to get keep "trying" you gotta realize, you doing just that...TRYING!
Thats my piece for the day, and im not all too sure if it makes sense to you, but, i hope it does...peace
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