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Sid Speaks On Sense of Self
« on: December 11, 2001, 01:08:55 PM »
Im letting you in on another thought of mine.... It is VERY hard to maintain your 'sense of Self' isnt working!! You keep your eyes set on one vision, one idea, or one feeling, but, when a PHYSICAL wall is set before you...all you have is your faith; your belief that things go alright, even thought that 'thing' itself is "against you"! Actually, i dont wish to make this an issue about faith yet, because, this is a situation where it ISNT a matter of "how you will make it", rather, "will you handle it?" It is a very scary thought, one that causes the majority of people to "play it safe", but: NOT EVERYTHING GOES YOUR WAY...or should i say, not everything SEEMS to go your way! You put so much energy into one feeling or thought, but you are sent the are then left more heartbroken than hopeful and, each moment that plays into the hands of the opposite effect to your vision can feed you MORE doubt, MORE questions...MORE pain!! You buy into the ILLUSION that things are moving AWAY from your vision, so you, yourself, begin to CREATE what the illusion showed you, and so, in the end, you actually ARE moving a different direction! Yes, sometimes i WILL have to fight the illusion of failure...nobody promised it easy! Yes, sometimes i will....sometimes i'll have to keep on believing while i have a broken heart...yes i will...but, i WILL NOT be scared to give it my all, nor will I take an eye off what my Soul and Spirit (representing the deep, DEEP feeling of truth and love) see! I have not allowed myself the ability to see every turn, bump, or 'easyriding' trip on this path of mine....some events are clear in my vision, others are not, but, (NOW i can mention faith and also add TRUST) I must keep faith and have trust that what has been installed in me is NOT a lie...and i KNOW its not a lie because i can feel it!!......... THIS IS WAR (against myself)!!!!!! I wrote this for myself, then decided to send it out to ya'll cause, i want you to SET THE STANDARDS for your life! "What do you accept? What do you NOT accept? Who do you wish to be? What are your dreams?" When you can define that for yourself, then remain there!.....i believe the easiest way i can say this is....DO NOT LET PHYSICAL WALLS TAKE AWAY YOUR HEARTFELT CHOICES!! meditate on that one.....*smile*
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