Author Topic: Fuck Police!!!!!!  (Read 837 times)


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Re:Fuck Police!!!!!!
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hey i aint a man lol

Ohh shit are U serious??? I thought U were like one of those wierdos every message board has, like I always thought U had sex-change surgery or some shit like that, I dunno why maybe it jus clicked in my head the first time I saw ur pic or something...

 ;D jk
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Re:Fuck Police!!!!!!
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Re:Fuck Police!!!!!!
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alot of police are bitches i admit, but.....we do need them in our communities.

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Re:Fuck Police!!!!!!
« Reply #33 on: February 03, 2003, 12:05:48 PM »
Speaking of police lemme tell yall a sotry that happened to me last weekend..

Like I have mentioned on this campus we have RSO's, or campus police, and those guys are the biggest punks around...they write ppl up for just smellin like alkahol, write up court appearances for 20 year olds caught with alkahol, and wack BS like that...of course shits real strict especially wit alkahol in my campus UCSD...but anyway heres a cool story...

Last weekend I went over to UCLA to visit my homeboy A, and my homies J and A2, came over to chill anyway we all decided to smoke out that nite cuz there were no parties goin on and we all love bud, except for the UCLA homey of mine, A...but we convinced him to smoke too ;D so anyway we found these trees and started gettin fucked up as fuck, anyway we head back to A's room and chill and A's roomate, Y wanted to get high too...but everybody was too lazy to smoke him being da opurtunist I am I got my homey J(who slangs) to hook me up wit a couple joints n I left wit Y to smoke him out(of course he had to pay fo da joints ;) ) so anyway we goto the trees again but find out that the winds to strong to even think about smokin weed...we come out of da trees into the desolate parking lot and squat next to da car and lite up da joint. while we smoke, a cop car rolls by kinda far, but close enuff to see us, and then the cop car backs up and enters da parking lot...while I am stoned as fuck and Y is getitn pretty high...I was scared shitless but I always maintain my cool...Y is almost gunna run away but Im like chill the fuck out what U doin foo...the cop rolls by and asks us what we're doing, LOL...with the smell of burnin reefer n all. We go, We're jus talkin....hes lie why do I smell smoke...were u guys smokin out? Y is like naaw, but there were some cigarette buts on the then the cop kinda pulls him away and questions him(maybe cuz he seems more nervous I guess..) and I found out the cop asked him what they REALLY were doing..Y said that we were talkin cuz I had a fite wit his roomate, my homey anyway the cop comes back and hes like Im sorry for disturbin yall lately theres been car thefts, a murder, and a couple i jus gotta make sure..DAMN im like shit this cops fuckin apologizin and all!!! he could seardch us cuz he smelled weed, but DAMN he didnt cuz this muthafucka had his head right and knew we aint gunna do nuthin harmless..instead he focuses on the shit HE NEEDS to focus about-real crime. Man I got a lot of respect for that cop and damn yall all cops aint punk ass muthafuckaz after all. Thats ma story, peace. 8)


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Re:Fuck Police!!!!!!
« Reply #34 on: February 03, 2003, 01:39:29 PM »
yeah i hate cops.....