Author Topic: wtf??AM A DOGGYS ANGEL?LMAO  (Read 65 times)


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« on: December 10, 2001, 07:02:39 AM »
check out this weird shit lolplayasatandq: what up kid
kickboxerfolife: sup dogg
playasatandq: im mr. bigg from dpg records
kickboxerfolife: lol ok
playasatandq: i hear ur one of the original doggy angels how would u like a promotion, and a deal here wit daz, soopafly and me
kickboxerfolife: haha wtf
kickboxerfolife: this nino?
kickboxerfolife: lol
playasatandq: who is nino
kickboxerfolife: haha
playasatandq: im mr.bigg
kickboxerfolife: yea man im 1 of doggys angels
kickboxerfolife: haha
playasatandq: aka talented MC
kickboxerfolife: word
kickboxerfolife: lol
playasatandq: so how about it kid
kickboxerfolife: lol
playasatandq: i got daz right here in the studio wit me right now
kickboxerfolife: haha uh huh lol
playasatandq: so why are you laughing kid how about it
kickboxerfolife: man u takin tha piss
playasatandq: escuse me
kickboxerfolife: yo who is this
playasatandq: im a serouse record excutive here we can call you on the phone right now and talk to you and ur man snoop
playasatandq: u no dogg pound records aka dpg records
playasatandq: u should u and snoop now us
kickboxerfolife: haha ok mate
kickboxerfolife: u been takin ya pills recently?lol
playasatandq: fuck im bout to call snoop at his house right now
playasatandq: let me c whats the number 201 459 2803
kickboxerfolife: go ahead lol
playasatandq: well whats wrong girl wouldnt u want to be signed wit the notorious rap label
kickboxerfolife: man
kickboxerfolife: who put u up2 this yo
playasatandq: is there a problem kid your one of the doggy angels you tell me i hear u spit on ur shit
playasatandq: you and ur click u no what im sayin G
playasatandq: shit niggaz go 2 chuch just to fuck wit diss shit
kickboxerfolife: wtf lol
kickboxerfolife: u high?
playasatandq: u no what im sayin loco so u up 2 dis or not
kickboxerfolife: yea man
kickboxerfolife: haha
playasatandq: we like u girl so u joining gotta be some female niggaz up in diss u one of them
kickboxerfolife: ah i am am i lol
playasatandq: ok give us a call right now then i been hearing lots of stuff u the doggy angel
kickboxerfolife: haha
kickboxerfolife: yea man might b abit difficult lol i aint in the states
playasatandq: are u on the puff puff tour right now
kickboxerfolife: haha
playasatandq: cus we can get some people over there
kickboxerfolife: yea man of course i am
playasatandq: ill be back here talk to dat nigga daz funny shit girl
kickboxerfolife: huh lol
playasatandq: hey girl
playasatandq: so are you joining us chan
kickboxerfolife: lol wtf
playasatandq: we gotta go and phone snoop right now shit im bout to do it
kickboxerfolife: haha yea man course u are
kickboxerfolife: brb yo
playasatandq: are u back kid
kickboxerfolife: yea man
playasatandq: are u joining us
kickboxerfolife: yea im joining ur cult of scary net freaks lmao
playasatandq: we  called snoop dogg he joning us
playasatandq: we sendin a plane 2 pick u up
kickboxerfolife: hahaha
playasatandq: is there some problem
kickboxerfolife: yea
kickboxerfolife: Y'ALL CRAZY
kickboxerfolife: lol
playasatandq: i hear ur giving bigtg suge dogg
kickboxerfolife: wut lol
playasatandq: some trouble
playasatandq: fuck u nigga
playasatandq signed off at 18:45:40.

& @ the same time we had......
BIGG suGe DOGG: yo girl
kickboxerfolife: haha
kickboxerfolife: who tha fuck this
kickboxerfolife: lol
BIGG suGe DOGG: dis big dogg are u joining us
kickboxerfolife: haha yall crazy
kickboxerfolife: brb yo
BIGG suGe DOGG: so u back
BIGG suGe DOGG: are u joining us
kickboxerfolife: yea
kickboxerfolife: wut lol
BIGG suGe DOGG: ok we called snoop he listinig nigga he listning
kickboxerfolife: listnin 2 wot lol
BIGG suGe DOGG: we gettin our people to pick u up ur in UK right now
kickboxerfolife: haha
BIGG suGe DOGG: whats so funny cchan
BIGG suGe DOGG: chan
kickboxerfolife: stop takin the piss lol
BIGG suGe DOGG: fuck u ass hole
BIGG suGe DOGG: we here talken 2 u nigga u aint showin no luv G
kickboxerfolife: man
kickboxerfolife: haha
kickboxerfolife: who is this
BIGG suGe DOGG: we here on da muthafucken west coast streets of lbc and u fucken wit us
BIGG suGe DOGG: we here 2 sign ur fat booty azz
kickboxerfolife: fo sho
kickboxerfolife: lol

lmao & then we had

gangstapov: hey kid
kickboxerfolife: bloody hell lol
kickboxerfolife: yo
gangstapov: i hear u going to join dogg pound records
gangstapov: im the main exuctive
gangstapov: BIGG POV
kickboxerfolife: lol
gangstapov: i like doggy angels but i havnt met them im wondering if i shhould produce some shit fo them

lmao and finally

rushMOBB: so whats the problem here im lil eazy the ceo of dpg
rushMOBB: i hear ur giving a hard time to my soljaz
kickboxerfolife: lol u aint
kickboxerfolife: u sum dick thats already on my list
kickboxerfolife: nino gave u my ID
rushMOBB: is there a problem wit dpg and my soljaz  
kickboxerfolife: back along
rushMOBB: who the fuck is nino
kickboxerfolife: lol ur a 16 year old kid
rushMOBB: nigga dis lil eazy
kickboxerfolife: haha
rushMOBB: who
kickboxerfolife: yea man
rushMOBB: niga what u talken bout J
kickboxerfolife: lol
rushMOBB: u big chan
kickboxerfolife: lol wtf
rushMOBB: one of da angelz we signin u
rushMOBB: call us up right now
rushMOBB: or u a fake claming shit on da net
rushMOBB: fuck u nigga

hahaha well erm lol anyways...peace'

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« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2001, 07:10:11 AM »
lmao LOL

stalk those guys now lol ... pm them back as BIGGSNOOPDOGG or summit .. and say somethin like ... "u dissing my bitches?" that would be funny lol
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Nima -

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;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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