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Re: Wale - Ambition (Discussion)
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I'm so impressed with this album that I'm scared for Wale.  How is he gonna top this?  I mean this album is fuckin' mad lol!

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a> [needed more bass guitar] & "No Days Off" are the themes 4 me right now.  This has to be the best album released in the 4th quarter so far [Oct.-Dec.].  

 8) Wale been gettin alotta love around The DMV lately.  I was out Norfolk yesterday and I heard somebody at tha gas station with it on blast.  I got to Woodbridge to fill up again and a nigga pulled up 2 tha pump all ignorant n shit crankin tha joint.  Needless to say that was just yesterday.  Today I'm playin this and probably will be until "Blue Dream & Lean" comes out

side note:  it would've been tight if Mario was on the hook to "That Way".  Jeremih killed it and it shouldn't be touched but it would've been nice 4 tha DMV to hear Mario on it.  Plus they pretty much could've sounded the same on this 1 when u hear it in your head.  It might've taken away from the 'star power' if Mario was on it tho, but then again who knows (i don't)

Wale = DC
Lex Luger = VA
Mario = MD

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Re: Wale - Ambition (Discussion)
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No J. Cole feature this time? Pass...