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CREDITS: Cydal - Cydalwayz
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Lightyear, 1998

1. 1/4 Pound Slicin
Produced by Alonzo Jackson

2. It's On

3. Curiosity
Produced by Bosko

4. Cuties & Condoms (feat. Adina Howard)
Produced by Dugg Rashad

5. Unfaithful
Produced by Daz & Soopafly

6. No Love, Just Lust
Produced by Daz & Soopafly

7. Make My Livin'
Produced by Daz & Soopafly

8. Cydalways (feat. Dru Down, Luniz & Richie Rich)
Produced by Lev Berlak

9. Life
Produced by Lev Berlak

10. You And I
Produced by The Whole Nine

11. Definition of A Thug Lover
Produced by Ali Malik

12. Conspiracy (feat. Swoop G)
Produced by The Whole Nine

13. Is It Lav
Produced by Ali Malik

14. How Long (feat. 3X Krazy)
Produced by Gov

15. Hollywood (feat. Luniz)
Produced by Bosko

16. Outro
Produced by Cydal


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Dope album. Soopafly's actually featured on "Make My Livin".
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