Author Topic: Waka Flocka & French Montana "Lock Out" #co-sign  (Read 650 times)


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Waka Flocka & French Montana "Lock Out" #co-sign
« on: December 14, 2011, 12:02:56 PM »
It sounded good.  I think if Waka stops trying to find a way to yell on every song he'll be alright.  I didn't fuck with that "Wings" joint and I think if he woulda incorporated Prodigy's name in more on rhythm it woulda been better.  He should try to stay more on beat and sound his words out better.  Sometimes it's hard to understand that nigga and u gotta wanna catch up or you hear it enough times becuz the song crank and then u get it, either way it's still wack.  

But don't get me wrong at all tho, it was definitely quality with the type of chemistry they have.  French Montana was flashy as fuck on this tape but since he signed with Bad Boy and Mizay so I'm pretty sure he's used to seeing alotta flash in his life.

Of course Waka was spittin tha real tho, that nigga be on his GMS (Grown Man Shit).  That's why I be fuckin' wit Flocka, he's so down to earth and he makes good music.

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