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Project Alfie - Beggin
« on: January 09, 2012, 09:53:12 PM »

Introducing ‘Beggin’, the new release by Project Alfie.  Project Alfie’s new track Beggin’ effortlessly emits the cool, distinguishable style and sound that is quickly becoming synonymous with the soul and hip-hop crossover artist.

The epic, emotionally wrought track was released on the Universal Compilation R&B Collection 2012, which marked Project Alfie as the only unsigned act to be featured on the album. Following its release, it became the most downloaded track on the album during its first week on iTunes.

The video for Beggin has since been filmed, and is artistically cohesive with the idiosyncratic image created by Project Alfie. It has been directed by the renowned Paul Gardner of JJ Stereo, whose work includes videos for Kasabian, Plan B and Mr. Hudson. The video smoothly incorporates much of the style that is naturally radiated by the soul singer.

Set in London, the video for Beggin follows the captivating star through busy streets, voyeuristically capturing the essence of the distinctive Project Alfie. His star quality is obvious from the instant the video begins to play, and the story of Beggin begins to unfold. The direction of the video beautifully entwines with the lyrics of the song and heart of the melody, combining to create a complete and succinct work of art.

Since the release of Beggin and the rest of The Project Alfie Mixtape, Alfie has since been invited to New York by The Hitmen (Jay-Z, Nas, Mary J Blige, Notorious BIG).  What began as an ambitious project, has quickly and elegantly transformed into a beautifully finished and theatrically stylised act that makes Project Alfie one to watch for 2012.

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