Author Topic: Yall Ain't Gonna Believe This, LOL  (Read 73 times)


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Yall Ain't Gonna Believe This, LOL
« on: December 04, 2001, 11:09:38 AM »
I Just Heard A Vanilla Ice Song, "Freestylin' Off His Album "Mind Blowin" From Last Year. †Have Yall Heard This Shit? †It's Halfway Decent, There's Like 3-4 Guys From His Crew On There, And Then he Comes In, And All Of It's Pretty Dope... LOL... Damn... Yall Go Listen To It On Audiogalaxy Or Something...

I'll Bet It Ain't A Freestyle, Though, They' Just Actin Like It, Here's His Verse

Freestylin on the mic get in the go
Freestylin on the mic so let it flow
Freestylin on the mic get in the go
And next on the mic itís Ice, so let it flow!

Itís the incredible - body rocker, the heart stopper, hit dropper
Hypnotize you all like Big Poppa
Getting everybody blazed with the funk it donít stop
As I detonate the spot like Oklahoma on your block
like Timothy McVeigh but I donít blow up any buildings
When you hear me play itíll be the microphone Iím killing
Registering 10 on the Richter when I shake it
With the earthquake based my taste blowing out your woofers
Put you in a state of shock like Mick and Mike so get it right
Like it's tonight just To let you know my click is tight
We got women up front shaking ass
Just about stripping want to put on the glass
Pass the phat Philly as I heat it up like chili
Put down the gun son, there's no need for the 9 milli
Got the meat for the barbecue so spark a few hops
Watch as I raid your spot like spock and shake ya whole block, baby

LOL I Don't Care, It's Decent, Yall Check It Out...


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Re: Yall Ain't Gonna Believe This, LOL
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2001, 11:29:34 AM »
lol... hey if you say it is decent... i check it out... only because your trauma... so when can i wrap you in that plastic..... i am going too keep you forever and ever :-*
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