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Quotes of the week: "If I was white, I wouldn't wanna be Tom Cruise" & "Fuck the Muppets" (Nemo Hoes)

Snoop Dogg Presents "GGN - Double G News Network" Ep.22 Se.2 starring Nemo Hoes
Check out the twenty-second episode of the second season of Snoop Dogg's new series: "GGN - Double G Network" a regular news program hosted by Snoop Dogg aka anchorman Nemo Hoes, co-hosted by Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan & featuring weather woman Stormy Fronts & Android Miller.
"GGN - Double G Network" covers an array of topics including current events, controversial news topics, conspiracy theories & "green" topics, Nemo Hoes gives his movie reviews & Stormy Fronts gives an in-depth weather update.
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Lancaster LTD Presents "Roots of Fight: Muhammad Ali 70th Birthday Tribute" starring Mark Munoz, Bas Rutten, George Chuvalo, Eddie Bravo & Snoop Dogg
Produced & directed by Lancaster LTD & Roots of Fight .
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