Author Topic: US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria  (Read 211 times)


US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
« on: March 07, 2012, 06:03:01 AM »
...just like in libya, war on terrorism my black foot, war on resources to teef from countrys in the middle east and northern africa and use muslim terrorists as the bogey man to carry out this agenda and neutralise any independent threats to the systems imperialism in the region, true story

this isn't a grassroots mass popular support revolution like in other middle eastern country's and northern africa, its a armed ressurection from terrorists al queda fruitcake types wit a handful of support from the public, assad is popular amongst the majority of syrians, even though its a authoriantarian state, he gets bare love from the public, he isn't a sectarianist and shows love to all sects and religions in syria and backs hezbollah


Syria: Clinton Admits US On Same Side As Al Qaeda To Destabilise Assad Government

by Michel Chossudovsky and Finian Cunningham

Global Research, February 27, 2012

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that Al Qaeda and other organizations on the US “terror list” are supporting the Syrian opposition.

Clinton said: “We have a very dangerous set of actors in the region, al-Qaida [sic], Hamas, and those who are on our terrorist list, to be sure, supporting – claiming to support the opposition [in Syria].” [1] (Click here to watch video)

Yet at the same time, in the above BBC interview the US Secretary of State repeats the threadbare Western claim that the situation in Syria is one of a defenceless population coming under “relentless attack” from Syrian government forces.

There is ample evidence that teams of snipers who have been killing civilians over the past year in Syria belong to the terrorist formations to which Clinton is referring to.

As Michel Chossudovsky points out in a recent article: “Since the middle of March 2011, Islamist armed groups – covertly supported by Western and Israeli intelligence – have conducted terrorist attacks directed against government buildings, including acts of arson. Amply documented, trained gunmen and snipers, including mercenaries, have targeted the police, armed forces as well as innocent civilians. There is ample evidence, as outlined in the Arab League Observer Mission report, that these armed groups of mercenaries are responsible for killing civilians. 

While the Syrian government and military bear a heavy burden of responsibility, it is important to underscore the fact that these terrorist acts – including the indiscriminate killing of men, women and children – are part of a US-NATO-Israeli initiative, which consists is supporting, training and financing ‘an armed entity’ operating inside Syria.” [2]

The admission at the weekend by Hillary Clinton corroborates the finding that armed groups are attacking civilians and these groups are terroristic, according to US own definitions, and that the situation in Syria is not one of unilateral state violence against its population but rather is one of a shadowy armed insurrection.

Clinton’s admission retrospectively justifies the stance taken by Russia and China, both of which vetoed the proposed UN Security Council Resolution on 4 February, precisely because that proposal was predicated on a spurious notion that the violence in Syria was solely the responsibility of the Al Assad government.

Clinton also acknowledges in the BBC interview that there is “a very strong opposition to foreign intervention from inside Syria, from outside Syria” – which tacitly concedes the fact that the Syrian population is aware that the so-called oppositionists within their country are Al Qaeda-affiliated mercenaries.

Meanwhile, the US Gulf allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have separately issued statements that they are willing to send arms to Syria to support the insurrection against the Damascus government. Given the still substantial popular support for the government of Bashir Al Assad, such a declaration by Saudi Arabia and Qatar towards a fellow Arab League member state signifies an unprecedented interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Indeed, legal opinion could argue that it constitutes a self-indicting act of international aggression.

Besides, such a declaration by Saudi Arabia and Qatar of being willing to arm Syrian insurrectionists, can be seen as a cynical cover for what is already taking place. It is known that the Gulf monarchical states are already supplying weapons illicitly to the self-styled Syrian Free Army, along with Turkey and Israel.

So far, the US is officially maintaining the fiction that it is not involved in supplying arms to Syria even though Washington has demanded “regime change” and in spite of evidence that Western covert forces, including American, British and French operatives, are actively engaged with the opposition groups.

It is richly ironic that the unelected fundamentalist Sunni regimes of the Persian Gulf are supporting Al Qaeda affiliated groups within Syria purportedly to “bring about democratic reforms”. This is the same dynamic that prevailed in Libya where the overthrow of that country’s government by Western and Gulf Arab powers has now led to a collapse in human rights and social conditions.

Once again, Syria is indicating the same alignment of allies: Washington, London and other NATO powers comfortably in bed with Sunni/Salafist tyrants and terrorists, claiming to be supporting democratic freedom and human rights.

Of course, the real agenda has nothing to do with either democratic freedoms or human rights – as the awry alignment of allies clearly indicates. Rather, this is about Washington and its proxy powers trying to engineer regime change throughout the Arab World and beyond to conform to geopolitical objectives, principally the control of raw energy. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria are but a sequence of stops on a global roadmap of permanent war that also swings through Iran. Russia and China are the terminal targets.

Washington is evidently prepared to use any means necessary to assert this agenda: illegal wars, death on a massive scale, possibly triggering global war and the use of nuclear weapons. But surely the most preposterous mask is the “war on terror”, when it is seen – from the words of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – that Washington is now openly collaborating with the supposed “terrorist enemy” to bring about regime change in desired countries.

If somehow the weasel words from Washington could be taken at face value, then if it were serious about wanting regime change to facilitate democracy, human rights and world peace, the first regime that pre-eminently qualifies for such change is Washington itself.


[1] Transcript of Clinton interview on BBC, 26 February, 2012:

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Re: US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2012, 05:48:13 AM »
here's some more proof

cia, mossad & blackwater caught operately secretly in syria

that defection of that deputy oil minister during the week is just him shook thinking the system will overtly invade syria and take over and he won't be able to rip off the oil profits, that minister is fugazi


Mossad, CIA and Blackwater operate in Syria - report
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Published: 07 March, 2012, 13:28

Members of the Free Syrian Army patrol an area in Qusayr, 15 kms (nine miles) from Homs. (AFP Photo / STR / Ahmed Jadallah)

TAGS: Arms, Conflict, Military, USA, Israel, War, Syria
A security operation in Homs reveals Mossad, CIA and Blackwater are involved in the military violence in this part of Syria, as over 700 Arab and Western gunmen and Israeli, American and European-made weapons were detained in Baba Amr district.
Syrian security forces got yet further proof of Western powers’ military involvement in Syria’s internal conflict, reports Al-Manar, a news agency, affiliated with Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based militant group and political party.
Around 700 gunmen were recently arrested in the former rebel stronghold of Babar Amr.
“The captured gunmen held Arab nationalities, including Gulf, Iraqi, and Lebanese. Among them were also Qatari intelligence agents and non-Arab fighters from Afghanistan, Turkey, and some European countries like France,” the agency quotes Syrian expert in strategic affairs Salim Harba as saying.
Harba also confirmed to the agency that “a coordination office was established in Qatar under American-Gulf sponsorship. The office includes American, French, and Gulf – specifically from Qatar and Saudi Arabia – intelligence agents, as well as CIA, Mossad, and Blackwater agents and members of the Syrian Transitional Council.”
The Syrian expert also added the security forces have also seized Israeli-, European- and American-made weapons.
“The Syrian army also uncovered tunnels and equipments there,” he told to the agency, “advanced Israeli, European, and American arms that have not yet been tested in the countries of manufacture, in addition to Israeli grenades, night binoculars, and communication systems were confiscated by the security forces.”
Salim Harba however said the Syrian authorities are not planning to reveal all the obtained information now, but assured all the evidence is of high value.
“The Syrian security forces have documents and confessions that could harm everyone who conspired against Syria, and could make a security and political change, not just on the internal Syrian level, but also on the regional level,” he said.
The recent Stratfor leak and hacked email of the company’s director of analysis also suggest undercover NATO troops are already on the ground in Syria.
There have been previous allegations of a Western presence on the side of the rebels as 13 French officers were reportedly captured by the loyalist forces earlier in March.
President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly claimed his regime is fighting not with peaceful protesters as claimed by the West, but with the military gangs supported by the West.
Western powers however have categorically denied any military involvement in Syrian internal conflict
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Re: US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
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the audience on HERE will be more interested if u'd posted the youtube video of that sexy syrian girl breaking this ish down with those juicy lips of hers....hahaha ;D
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Re: US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
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2 Car bombings yesterday, truck bombings before and yet the western puppets have the temerity to call them the legitimate party of syria, despite the fact that the majority of syrians will obviously despise such terrorism. It's been admitted that Assad does have the majority of the support in Syria. By the way, I have no doubt that there are cold blooded murders going on, but war turns men into monsters, there is no glory in war and interestingly, some of these have been described as revenge killings. Clearly this notion of innocent people fighting only to defend themselves is a fallacy.

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Re: US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
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Re: US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
« Reply #5 on: March 21, 2012, 10:40:27 PM »
This stuff freaks me out. Scary ish.


Re: US Goverment Supports Al Queda Terrorists In Syria
« Reply #6 on: March 22, 2012, 03:36:07 PM »
That's what the US (and UK) do though.. They see a country having a huge wealth opportunity, they plan 30-40 years in advance, secretly fund militant groups to overthrow legitimate governments in these very same countries, then years later go in to take them out so that they can seize control morally in the eyes of the public with an assisting and corrupt media

See Afghanistan for proof of what I just types above. I read somewhere that due to the position of the country, and it being a main passing route for oil, that oil corporations over the course of so many decades plan to invest figures of up to trillions in investment for underground pipes and so on.. That's why the West are in to take over the country so that they can profit from those trillions.
They trained Bin Laden, and others, who eventually took over Afghanistan, now they're in taking out the Taliban (or at least trying to)

The West will continue to do so until they are stopped by the likes of China, or Russia, and that time is coming near. World War 3 will happen in the next 20 years, you can bank on it. The rapid and almost consisent rate of which the US and UK are doing in the middle east is crazy... Iraq, Afghanistan, now Iran and Syria? Everyone knows why we're there, and everyone outside knows that our media is one of the most biased and corrupt and deviously influencing ones on the planet, and that is what is going to cause another huge global war
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