Author Topic: (Video) Santorum = "Obama is an anti-war government NIG-uh-the the..."  (Read 176 times)


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So Santorum seemed to almost drop the N-bomb in a generally incoherent speech. What the hell is an "anti-war government n****" anyway? It might be a cool name for a hip-hop collective, but it's probably not a great move on Santorums behalf.  :D



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So maintaining and expanding wars is now anti war? Do you see how very definitions are now being corrupted.


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These people are most likely just installed to make Obama look better than he is.

Likewise, who the fuck told Rick Perry it would be the 2012 thing to do to record an anti-homosexual speech as a campaign ad? Everybody knows that type of shit doesn't fly in today's western world. I refuse to believe that Rick Perry's entire team would ever be so delusional to think that ad was a good idea.
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