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Re: New Dogg Pound EP "Dogg Bag" (2012)
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what horrible tracks are there on Vol. 1 ???  :o Vol. 2 is alright but isn't quite as consistent as vol. 1, a lot of tasteless filler. Dilli & Gotti is more consistent than Dogg Food IMO, Dogg Food has the better tracks obviously, but Dogg Food has more fillers than Dilli & Gotti which bumps from front to back IMO, no weak track whatsoever.

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Re: New Dogg Pound EP "Dogg Bag" (2012)
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Funny thing about Daz is, he admitted like 2 years ago, that WideAwake gave them a 100 000 $ check for unpayed royalties durning their Death Row days under Suge's umbrella. He used the money they gave him to create a budget for a "100 Wayz" album - yet, he still comes back screaming "Fuck Death Row" and "Fuck WideAwake" even tho Admin @ official Death Row forum confirmed, they going to send them percentage off the record sales...

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exactly, they cut him a $100k check smh... Daz's never been famous for his strong moral values lmao, ungrateful & retarded