well, is he?

Hell no, he's sonically/musicaly flawless
32 (45.1%)
Yes, a bit
17 (23.9%)
18 (25.4%)
Yes, very much so
4 (5.6%)

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Author Topic: Is DJ Quik overrated?  (Read 1951 times)


Re: Is DJ Quik overrated?
« Reply #100 on: June 09, 2012, 01:06:19 PM »
I could and should have expected that using Dr. Dre was to open up a can of worms and the mouths of his detractors. Perhaps your sentiments of Dr. Dre taking credit for other people's work are justified, but they amount to rumour, gossip and exaggaration at this point. You might be right about them, but they're speculations and from often unreliable sources too. In this case, I'd rather believe Snoop who can be very harsh about people near to him yet praises Dre as a producer, than the likes of Big Hutch or 2Pac who were both out to tarnish or even destroy Dre's career at the time. Also, take note of the fact that Quik himself regrets doing 'U ain't fresh!' and acknowledges Dr. Dre as a producer superior to himself.

You're right that Dr. Dre is perhaps not much of a beatmaker...but then that would not really disprove my point that as a producer and mixer, which is his forte, he is very good, simple and plain. What Dr. Dre's critics about his alleged taking-credit-habit generally ignore or fail to realise is that he brushes up other people's beats and that this is just as much bringing greatness to a record is as making a skeleton beat.

You're right that, generally, Dr. Dre would not create beats from scratch whereas Quik does, but Dre's final touch lifts beats up to the level of productions. Quik does make beats from scratch and yes, he does add his own producer's touch...but, to me at least, he's more limited in the latter department than Dr. Dre is. And please, don't assume that beatmaking equals producing because it does not.

As for the suggestions that DJ Quik would have shone more if he hadn't stuck too his crew...that might be true, but that also amounts to speculation. We can't judge him or anyone on things they might have created but didn't.

I have to admit I don't like how this thread has now turned into a Dr. Dre is better/DJ Quik is better contest, but there you are.

Any takers for or takes on my 'DJ Quik should have joined Dogghouse' thought?
I noticed a lot of people on here assume that Dr. Dre takes other peple's beats and makes them better. But from what I read from various people regarding Dre, the beat usually starts & ends with Dre. Usually Dre will already have a rough skeleton of a beat laid down like the drums and he'll either have musicians & co-producers add their own input/ideas , or he'll pretty much know the direction he wants the beat to go in & he'll either play a rough idea on a keyboard & have musicians replay it better, or he'll hum some shit he wants them to play. Or he'll play a sample he wants to use and have them replay/recreate it to his liking. I think the only time he'll take someone's already completed track and enhance it or make it better, you can see in the credits as additional production by Dr. Dre (like Game's Hate It Or Love It, or Busta Rhyme's Been Through the Storm for example) but if it says Produced by Dr. Dre (rather if it's his name alone or a with a co-producer) you can best believe he had  the biggest hand in the production and beat making of the track. Most people on here take a former collaborator's word of Dre stealing credit as gold. But you gotta understand most people in this music game have humongous egos & feel they're deserved more than what they actually get.  But you look at they shit without Dre & that shit is ass or average at best compared to the shit done with Dre.But Quik is that nigga when it comes to production too. He can just play keys a lil better than Dre so he's a lil more hands-on so his beats sound a lil more signature in a sense. But they both have a good ear for the musicians they use to help them with they shit. They both know who/what works for them.


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Re: Is DJ Quik overrated?
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Are  y'all serious. There's no other in hip who will EVER do it better.
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Re: Is DJ Quik overrated?
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He has some of my fav production, but imo he has silly ass rapping

and i hate his hair


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Re: Is DJ Quik overrated?
« Reply #103 on: June 14, 2012, 04:43:49 PM »
DJ Quik is the most talented artist in hip-hop period. He is certainly not overrated.
Nobody can make beats like him on his level as well as rap and write all his music.

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Re: Is DJ Quik overrated?
« Reply #104 on: June 15, 2012, 02:28:35 PM »
DJ Quik is the most talented artist in hip-hop period.

he is not