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Re: Why is it
« Reply #25 on: November 26, 2001, 10:49:54 AM »
Why does the guy wnat you to call him....well I'll tell ya...


I h8 ppl like that, they always wantin ya to fone cos they might run up a dayum fone bill....the most pathetic explanation I have ever heard....if you don't wanna run up a fone bill the why have a fone? or buy yourself a mobile fone when you get the money.

Also a lotta ppl can't fone me cos I have this internet on a lot of the time even when I'm out or at skool or shit......anyways if ppl ask u 2 fone then and you don't wanna...tell them 2 fone u or just don't fone them cos they sooner or l8r gonna fone ya that nite or the nxt day you see them they will ask why you didn't call but you just walk past them and pretend not to see them cos then they gonna call to ask you what they wanted in the first place and then they gonna ask did you not see them cos they were right nxt to you.....dayum I dunno why I am laffin at that but I am....a person goes to speak to you and you just walk on by and they continue to speak....LMAO....I dunno why I find that funny but I can just picture it

Also since a lot of ppl don't fone me.....I just fone up ppl I don't know that 141 (in the uk anyways so my number can't get recognized) and wen they pick up...mkae funny noises like an animal or shit then hang up.....or I pretend to be sum guy sellin summi nso I put on a supid voice....or the one I have found more recent to be funny is you fone up somebody and here the convo:

Person: Hello
Me: Yes hello, is your fridge runnin?
Person: Pardon?
Me: Is your fridge runnin?

Ok this is where you can get 2 answers:


Person: Yes, why?
Me: Well ya better go and catch it then


Person: No, why?
Me:................*have hung up*

Anywas nice little excitement brought to you life by that long as thing that had no meanin to it at all....I can't remember if I even answered the question... ???...I think I did
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Re: Why is it
« Reply #26 on: November 26, 2001, 11:29:53 AM »
i used to call girls a lot but now since i haven't been getting any, i call less..... :'(
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