Author Topic: Illuminati created International Drug War: AN ANALYSIS by me.  (Read 97 times)


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Now throughout history, man has always used substances which have an effect on the mind and alter consciousness. From the Hindu Sadhu or the Muslim Sufi experiementing with hashish to get divine visions from the heavens or the New World Shaman using Ayahausca to connect with the spirits and gain visions that were inconceivable under normal consciousness. Whether it was the Tobacco smoking ritual of the American Indians or the tea drinking ritual of the Europeans, mind and mood altering substances have always been a part of us...however, abuse has always been looked down upon as a disease or fault of character...thus keeping excess use in check through normal social measures.

However, in the 1900s the Illuminati wanted to control the world and even control and mould society down to the family level. You see if the elite want to control men and women and keep moulding their behaviors, norms, and beliefs...the family tradition (which is an independent and stable stronghold) needed to be done away with. So to break the family they engaged in the neo-womens liberation movements of the 60s and 90s...and totally mind-fucked the culture and behavior of modern day females to the point that society has degraded to our current state. Another means of this social degradation was the introduction of the drug culture.

In the 60s you know that many popular icons promoted drugs. Now western society has always been anti-drug....not anti-drugs really but anti-psychadelics (the GOOD, mind-expanding consciousness altering, perception increasing drugs)....alcohol and tobacco and tea are feel good substances which don't really provide deep insights into the nature of reality and are worthless for spiritual reaons. however, hallucinogenic substances are a totally different story. Therefore, the Church used to organize witch hunts and burn women who were the underground shamans of Europe and used to experiement with all sorts of substances including herbal medicines (which was banned, only bloodletting was allowed as treatment!), cannabis, dhatura/belladonna/henbane deliriants (the flying witch with green face and broomstick---the green plant drug lotion was rubbed on skin and inserted into vagina with broomsticks) and amanita muscarina mushroom (which is the pagan tradition associated with Christmas which was absorbed into christianity to absorb that spiritual group into the christian fold).

So basically western society has always been tightly controlled and easily manipulated society due to lack of strong tradition of freedom, especially in the intellectual/spiritual department. Psychadelics are a vital component of spiritualism and this is seen all across the world....Free thinking is impossible if people are hunting people down for "heresy", radical philosophies/terrorists/communists,etc,etc, "with"crafts/druggs and so on....

So in the revoluytion of the 60s many intellectuals had realized that this suppression of psychadelics was one key component of the rigid and suppressive western christian society and started to promote the other extreme view of unrestricted indulgence (I am sure the CIA mind control experts were involved in this promotion of drugs and certain extreme philosophies like radical feminism as I already mentioned) which was also foolish due to lack of groundedness and understanding of proper use and context. ANyways, the hippies of the 60s did manage to do a lot of positive things and were able to gather great momentum in their revolution. Since free speech was not illegal at that time, Nixon decided that the drug war could be used to target this revolutionary movement (psychadelics not only stimulate free thinking and breaking of old ways of thinking/values but also provide revolutionary inspiration and tend to be associated with rebels). Also, this was a period when a lot of agricultural nations had just gained freedom from the European colonialists (like the nations of the Indian Subcontinent) and a lot of money was flowing into these countries from the West due to the interest in psychadelics of the youth. Since free speech and exchange of ideas could not be banned due to the US Constitution, the propaganda machine of the CIA made a flashy story about the dangers of drugs and created great hysteria in the minds of the “squares” about druggies and drugs. Through fear, they managed to brainwash people to believe all kinds of nonsense and created division in the country between the “squares” and “hippies”/”dopers”.
Once all the most popular drugs had been banned, in effect the most dangerous drugs like cocaine/heroin/opiates/tobacco/alcohol had not been banned completely and were still allowed recreationally or medicinally (opiates/cocaine). Only psychadelics were banned in totality and prosecution was hardest against them (Class I drugs, supposedly the “most dangerous” drugs according to the law---of course, they are not very dangerous to your health compared to other medicines but they are very very dangerous to the Illuminati sheep-controllers).
Once these most popular drugs coke/heroin/marijuana were banned to the public, the government still allowed the shipment of these drugs into the country as now the banning of these drugs drove the prices up through the roof. So parts of the government structure (military, police, border agencies, intelligence agencies) decided that they could control the shipping of these drugs into the country and form connections with powerful drug lords outside the country and thus control the drug trade which they had made very very lucrative due to the prohibition on the substances. Of course they realized that marijuana, since it was easily grown anywhere and everywhere and by anyone was not as desirable for trading purposes as was cocaine and heroin which not only required lot of land but also lots of processing. So they especially cracked down on marijuana growers, traders and users through the following decades. Even today, it’s so much easier to beat a drug test if ur a user of coke or heroin/opiates instead of weed.
So through the drug trade, the government was able to get a lot of black money for carrying out all sorts of secret operations (such as Iran contra in the past or Fast and Furious today) which would be away from the regulation of congress and away from the security of the sheeple of America, who, back in the 70s were not brainwashed/mentally numbed to the degree they were in the new millennium…

In addition to the financial profits, the drug war allowed the bringing of the Orwellian police state which was always a big part of Illuminati’s agenda worldwide…to totally control the population and break all privacy rights. The police, instead of respectful guardians of the community, became bullies and harassing strong arm of the elite, busting college kids, controversial rebel organizations and taking dissidents property away through draconian drug laws. Also, the prison industrial complex got a huge boost from this drug war. Now, slavery has been re-legalized through the massive numbers of non-violent prisoners in our jails which has been exponentially increasing since the start of the drug war. While they destroyed society through social programming, the Illuminati knew that all this societal degradation would increase the use of drugs to help cope with the harshness of life…and they used this normal reaction to help boost the speed of carrying out their agenda of total domination of the world through the treating of these poor addicts as criminals instead of mentally ill individuals through the hospitals and treatment centers (CA Prop 19 failure anybody?) In addition to creating cheap labor through prisons, they can also drive down wages of the middle class of America (not only through Illegal immigrants taking your jobs and driving down wages coming from Mexico) by creating a lot of cheap labor taking away jobs and driving the pay rate downwards while costs keep rising due to inflation and failing economy.
See how the Illuminati are super efficient and kill so many birds with one stone through this small example of the drug war….theses so many examples like this, its quite a fascinating topic, really, if you can get good information, that is.
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Re: Illuminati created International Drug War: AN ANALYSIS by me.
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Nah it wasn't Illuminati. It was Nixon. Who was in cahoots with the Devil!

I'm 100% serious.


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Re: Illuminati created International Drug War: AN ANALYSIS by me.
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we need your knowledge in this section, quake...dont leave us thirsty again