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Littles: Feeding The Masses
« on: February 13, 2003, 03:50:21 AM »
Littles: Feeding The Masses
Thursday - February 13, 2003
K.B. Tindal
In the past 20 years Queensbridge housing projects has spawned some of the greatest pioneers of the rap game. Queensbridge is also the largest housing complex in the world. These houses gave us artists like Marley Marl, MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, Nas, Capone of CNN, Tragedy Khadafi, Mobb Deep, Nature and plenty of others. Today we are focused on the QB’s newest link. Littles. Littles has been through a world of ups and downs but he is destined to represent his projects to the fullest. His want to journey through the rap has been a life long dream. That dream is becoming a reality. This is his story.

When a man is pushed into a corner his instincts will lead him to do one of two things. He will either fight hard as hell to get out of that corner unscathed, or he will be beaten into submission. Queens Bridge native Littles, knows this all to well. He has fought his way through the jail system and come home with renewed vigor and insight on how to change his life. After years of witnessing his counterparts achieve success in the music industry, Littles is now embarking on a journey to acquire his own dreams. We have all heard the tales of death, deception and drug sales from the hood. Littles says. “I’m one of the few with a real story. I’m pure. After seeing all my people in magazines I wanted to do this too. I feel I have something to say.” Indeed Littles does have something to say.

His story begins as a youngster who was shot at the age of 15. He then became incarcerated due to the pitfalls of the street game and drug life. Over his many years in several prisons Littles has learned what many repeat offenders have failed to learn. “What I learned the most about is patience. After 5-½ years I had to learn patience. You know when your locked up you gotta do what they say. If they tell you to spread your ass you gotta do it. I had to swallow my pride and take it all in. I appreciate my freedom now. I appreciate my life.”

Now many people say that the true musical stories sell the best. For Littles it is a little different. He’s been on a few albums and compilations. His most notable appearances have been on the HNIC, Infamy and QB’s Finest. When asked how he really feels about music Littles says, “Music sets me free. Music puts me in a freedom zone. By doing this I rep myself. I package and sell myself. I’m totally focused. I don’t smoke weed or drink. I stopped because I wanted to have a clear mind when I go into these companies to sell myself. I am addicted to Red Bull though. I pop them shits like water.”

Littles’ self made LP is titled “The Feeding.” The album comes after 3 ½ years of freedom and being on the grind. Littles had a previous album titled “Best Of The Block” The album was never released. However, Littles did do “The Streets Will Listen” tour with his cohorts Mobb Deep. Footage of the tour can be seen on the DVD that’s being sold with “The Feeding” CD. So why title your album the “The Feeding?” Littles states, “I knew the streets were hungry. They were hungry for the album I never put out. So I just did a new album because I knew the streets were ready to eat.” Dreams do come true. For Littles this was always a dream. “When I saw Nas and Mobb Deep trying to do it I always wanted to do it, but I felt like I would’ve been selling out because I was so into the streets. I enjoy this now. This pays the bills and this is gonna send my 2 little girls to college.

So if Littles had such a strong following why didn’t he sign with a major label? “When I did Infamy with Mobb I had majors comin' at me. BMG, Artist Direct and some others, but I’m doin' it right outta the trunk because I wanna do it my way. I don’t want the labels tellin’ me what to do. I guess he’s doing it right too, because Littles is the only artist on a lockout calendar through Violator Management who doesn’t give them a portion of his earnings.

So is Littles at peace with his life changing decisions? “Yeah I’m at peace but I’m not happy with my situation. The more you achieve the more your gonna want but I’m home and I’m free and that’s what counts.” True indeed.

there is hope

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Re:Littles: Feeding The Masses
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He ain't gonna walk out of Mobb's shadow, just like Maze & Mussalini never will walk out of CNN's shadow, and like Bravehearts will never walk outta Nas shadow..

He's just too average, even if he's ok some times..


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Re:Littles: Feeding The Masses
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Littles iz bad ass he iz pretty tight i heard him in alot of Mobb Deep joints but i dont think he will make it ill cop his album tho if Pee and Hav do sum production and rap on it.