Author Topic: A quick snap shot for the retards that still don't get it  (Read 349 times)


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A quick snap shot for the retards that still don't get it
« on: April 19, 2013, 04:14:10 PM »

News flash .....the western elite psychopaths of the world have been funding and support Al Quaida in Syria, that's a conspiracy! shut up retard, a cursory glance at the news would tell you that Al Nusra's commander has declared his allegiance to Al Queda, Al Nusra is the biggest presence in Syria!

The western elite psychopaths backed Al Quaida in Libya too, "that's a conspiracy theory" says the retard again, look retard the commander of the libyan rebels was an "Al Quaida" group member.

"Oh so you are saying Al Quaida exist then" yes retard, hardcore islamic fundamentalist scum that behead old men and burn their bodies while watching and celebrating do exist and they are used to either scare the shit out of the average retarded person living in the west or to destroy "rogue nations".

A rogue nation is simply a nation not under the control of the elitist scumbags and so says the retard no rogue nations are nations that are dangerous to the peace and stability of the world...SLAP, STOMP AND SMACK!, listen retards if there was any truth to that statements then the wack job Saudi wahabbist's wouldn't be classed as an ally.

"The job numbers are looking good, crazy conspiracy theorists say that things are getting worse" the labour participation rate has fallen retard, that means less people in the labour force, now how is that a good thing?  So the retard counters okay well if that's the case then the UK employment rate has risen so once again you are wrong....After a sight in which I question should I just take my baseball bat to the individual I refrain and point out that the composition of the jobs market in the UK now features many self employed and part time individuals. So? says the retard, well mr or miss retard, (but usually a mr) people are being forced to take 2 part time jobs to make ends meet, their pay hasn't risen so in reality there has not been a net increase in what would count, real, full time positions.

"Crazy conspiracy theorists think the government would manufacture terrorist attacks lmao" no case is solved in a couple of days, but never fear, within hours of september 11, they knew it was bin laden, within hours of London bombing, they had their suspects, did anyone get arrested in the spanish rail bombings? oh no, that's right the main suspects blew themselves up. Oh and the latest one, a couple of days and hey there mr patsy's, oops i mean patsy as one is dead and is now on the run.

The so called underwear bomber got on board the flight with the FBI knowing all about him, but yet it wasn't an fbi agent that grabbed him when they saw his pants set alight it was just you know, a passenger, hmm the FBI know all about him but DON'T get on board the flight and aren't watching him like a hawk....would suggest they KNEW the bomb would a damp squib and that suggestion would tell you that it was a psy op in which this nut case unknowingly received the bomb, essentially a disabled bomb from the government agency.

"Why do people fear the government, they are paranoid" maybe retard because the american government has declared through criminal law which shits on every aspect of being innocent until proven guilty, that the moment you are labeled a terrorist they grant themselves the power to take away all of your rights, granting themselves the the power to lock you away forever.

"Well we don't want terrorists" One you spineless fuck I said being labeled as a terrorist they take away all basic rights from you, but secondly terrorism can mean almost anything as witnessed through the use of the patriot act in civil cases.

"I am glad we have tough drug laws we need to lock away drug dealers and crack down" Hey retard got any more lines you want to parrot, how about people being free to grow Opium in Afghanistan with troops protecting the opium to then transport it to the west, doesn't that make them the biggest drug dealers? "Shut up conspiracy theorist" this moment the retard staggers back dazed and confused and pissing his pants as his face has made a mess of my baseball bat"

Feeling some remorse for the festering mindless shit head I lower my baseball bat and walk off

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Re: A quick snap shot for the retards that still don't get it
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 04:13:26 AM »
Hahahaha stupid conspiracy theorists zomg!!!!!!

If you want the real deal, join me in watching Anderson Cooper 360. The 360 means he knows everything about everything. And he never wastes time talking about these completely stupid and asinine "conspiracy theories" (Which literally make me LOL every time I hear you dumb idiots mention them)

Virtuoso, there is still time to fix your brain, all hope is not lost. You're really close to completely losing it...take my advice, please go to, and find Anderson coopers face and click on it. You can begin your re-education there and I will coach you on how to not allow your mind to drift from the official narrative.

PM me for more help.


Re: A quick snap shot for the retards that still don't get it
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