Author Topic: Caviar: $1,000-an-ounce bud  (Read 574 times)

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Re: Caviar: $1,000-an-ounce bud
« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2012, 11:18:09 AM »
its crazy how much politics goes into that shit. i saw some bomb og kush that was goin for fuckin 1200 a p cuz it got played out and then there was this platinum girl scout cookie bullshit that was going for 4, all becuae of the name

u could sell  a p of og out here for that
it used to go for that.a name blows up, everyone grows it, it gets oversaturated and in worse qualities and then nobody wants it anymore. blue dream popped up and was THE shit for a good year, now its kinda played out. the sour is pretty big again right now

the sour around here is like 20 percent thc right now...unbelievable.

my dispensary had a strain called Hells Angel OG that was tested at 24% THC.  8)

21 percent for some sour OG is the highest ive smoked. that shit even had a seed or two in the ounce.