Author Topic: R.I.P 2 Tha Godfather Of Gangsta Rap !!!!!!!  (Read 5248 times)


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Re: R.I.P 2 Tha Godfather Of Gangsta Rap !!!!!!!
« Reply #125 on: August 14, 2012, 10:34:58 AM »
LMFAO if he really asked him that.

let me guess all yall was chillin at nellys crib? bbq'ing perhaps?

nellys music is fucking garbage duke.
no , i did not . i ran into real Michael Madsen at Town & Country mall aka one of 2 rich malls in st louis . .
no,nelly's music not garbage like you or your taste at all . please you are a fan of uncle tom named Cosby. get a life hater because nelly is still better then you will ever be.

lol @ comparing cosby to nelly...being old is not an excuse to be illiterate you type like a you live in a third world village lol @ the rich mall if u call it the rich mall u must be a broke aggin because to ppl that have a lil bread its just the mall....tell nelly to break you off some of that ashanti dough for all the dick your sucking.

this guy has country grammar as his ringtone on his go phone.

for one you are not from st louis & have no cool what you are talking about . in st louis there are regular malls & then there are 2 rich malls . the 2 rich malls are where rich people shop . . i hav more money then you ever will . i own my own business. i am one of the  guys that helped nelly get on . so i don't need nelly's money or anybodies money because i am rich,bitch comppared to you . .nelly,chingy,murphy lee, ozzie smith & most famous people from st louis call those malls ,the rich malls because that is what they are. the rich malls don't have you normal mall stores like you shop at poor boy .  i don't have any stupid music ring tones on my phone at all . so again come at me with facts ,dumbass. because you have no facts to stand on compared to me . i only go by facts unlike you ignorant stupid closeminded opinion . so don't come at me with your ignorance because it just proves how stupid you are .

NIKCC, yes i am american. i from east st louis ,il. one of hardest hoods in st louis aka washington park ,il


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