Author Topic: Hoopla Worldwide Severs Relationship With Tha Chill Of Compton's Most Wanted  (Read 213 times)


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Domestic violence issues lead Hoopla Worldwide to drop Tha Chill from its roster.

Compton's Most Wanted's Tha Chill is no longer affiliated with record label Hoopla Worldwide.

The label made the decision after the rapper was sent to prison over a domestic violence issue.

Hoopla Worldwide has issued the following statement regarding the matter:

In light of serious recent legal matters, Hoopla Worldwide would like to make this important announcement. After a four year relationship working with The Chill of Comptonís Most Wanted, we have decided to part ways. We regret to announce that our company can no longer be associated with him professionally, as we do not support acts of domestic violence and his blatant disregard for women. His repeated brushes with the law regarding the delicate nature of these actions make it difficult to overlook the seriousness of this issue. Hoopla Worldwide does not, nor should anyone, condone this type of aggressive behavior towards women.
In support of this monthís National Domestic Violence Awareness,Hoopla Worldwide will donate all profits made from the sales of Tha Chillís music to The Center for Women and Families in Louisville, Kentucky.
We have asked our distribution partners to immediately remove all music pertaining to Tha Chill from our catalog, including of over 25 songs. Additionally, music that Tha Chill produced for the upcoming posthumous album by MC Breed will not be released.


wow.  i'm not always krazy about labels dropping artists because of controversy, but this one i can understand.  sucks for tha chill.


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Daaamn! Fuck'd up situation, but u cant really blame the label for doin what they do..

Sometimes i wonder what would of happend if he didnt went to jail after CMW's first album in 1990. Chill and Eiht was a great rapping duo n people saw them as the EPMD of the west coast. It wasnt until 91 with the "Straight checknem" album and the soundtrack to the Boyz n the hood movie that CMW became real succesfull... a success Tha Chill only could witness behind bars. I would love to hear Chill rappin on Straight check'em ( only one song dosent count ) and goin wild on the Music To Drive By album. N support Eiht on the Quik Beef? i would love to see that...

Maybe CMW would be a bigger group today... on the other hand, MC Eiht maybe wouldnt pursue a solo carear or a career as an actor.. u never know.

Sometimes i feel kinda sorry for Tha Chill because of this... but u dont hit women. no mather what. end of story.

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sounds like a good move


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good statement and very reasonable