Author Topic: Dr. Dre has unveiled Eazy E-Harmony “Online Dating for Boyz N Da Hood”  (Read 320 times)


COMPTON – Throwing his black baseball hat into the ring of social-media dating sites, Dr. Dre has unveiled Eazy E-Harmony, “Online Dating for Boyz N Da Hood.”

“You might not know this about me, but I actually got my pH.D in fucking,” Dre boasts, “so when it comes to meeting fly bitches and bustin’ nuts, you know I’m not just talking shit.”

Eazy E-Harmony (or, as its developers have lovingly nicknamed it, “nutbust.orgy”) functions similarly to dating sites like OKCupid and, but is customized for its target audience.

“We’ve got a section called ‘Nothin’ But a G-Strang’ where bitches can post photos of their fat asses.  There’s also a button that lets people know if you want to ‘fuck tha police,’ and by that I mean have sex with them. Yeah,” Dre added, “hell yeah.”

“Muthafuckas need an easy way to meet people and get pussy.  I’m hoping to provide that service,” Dre sighs, “even for those bitches with nappy ass weaves.”

After the success of his wildly popular Beats by Dre headphones, the super producer has looked to venture into less familiar territory. An earlier foray into the Jewish toy market–Dr. Dreidels–didn’t fair well.

Fans and hoodrats everywhere, however, are worried that Eazy-E Harmony may never launch, as Dre has promised to release the beta “sometime after Detox .”

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ehh please delete this thread

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