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2Pac - Thug Life Vol.1 review....
« on: February 17, 2003, 12:07:42 AM »
This album, recorded with his group Thug Life [consisting of Mopreme, Syke, Rated R, Machadoshous, and Stretch], is one of the more overlooked, yet important albums in 2Pac's prolific career. It didnt put up huge numbers like many of his other albums, but it was the album which served as a huge turning point in his career. His first two albums had a very political [almost Ice Cube/PE like] feel to them......however, Thug Life marked his transformation from polticial rapper to a west coast gangsta rapper [though he would still do plenty of political songs later in his career]. The beats have a very "cruise under the sun in Cali" type feel to them. This is one of Pac's rawest albums. Its a gangsta rap album to the core, and is full of stories of life on the streets. Pac himself drops plenty of nice verses over smooth production, but the Thug Life members also hold their own here......Lyrically, its not as good as his first two albums, but the production is fresher and more well balanced. Its also a very short but consistant album - there is really no filler AT ALL, though there arent very many "incredible" points either. Pour Out A Little Liquor is one of his best songs though......deep lyrics over a hot beat. Overall, this is a good album, and must have for any Pac fan.....even if you're not a big Pac fan, you will probably still enjoy some tracks on this album. An important yet underrated album in his career. Here are the basic song descriptions and ratings:

1. Bury Me A G - I love this song. The production is excellent, smooth west coast production, and Pac and his homiez flow real smooth over it. That is one thing I noticed about this album than on his other albums: he uses a more smooth flow here instead of a rugged/intense flow [like on AEOM or Makaveli].....a good start for the album........4.5/5

2. Dont Get It Twisted - this is one of two songs that doesnt have Pac in it.....this indeed affects the song to some degree, as it lacks his charisma. The production is good, but not as tight as Bury Me A G.....the Thug Life members drop ok verses.......3/5

3. Shit Dont Stop - hot!!!!!! The production here is THUMPIN. Classic westcoast production, and Pac/Thug Life drop some raw and crazy verses.......Pac and Syke rip this song apart.....4.5/5

4. Pour Out A Little Liquor - what more is there to say?? Classic Pac......5/5

5. Stay True - Another dope song, but the production is a little more bland than on the previous songs. Mopreme drops a nice verse, and Pac's chorus is pretty catchy.....good song......4/5

6. How Long Will They Mourn Me - This is a great song. It kinda follows the same pattern as Pour Out does, but Pac lets his homies get some shine on this one......dedicated to the infamous Kato. The production is dope......4.5/5

7. Under Pressure - Wow!!! This song is absolutly wicked.......its a Pac/Stretch duol, and they both rip this song to shreds. The production is very gritty and song........5/5

8. Street Fame - The other song on the album which doesnt feature Pac, though he produced the song. This is better than "Dont Get It Twisted" though......the beat is very nice, and all the verses are raw........its a shame Pac didnt drop a verse, otherwise this would get a 5.........4/5

9. Cradle To The Grave - Pretty much what the title says......tight slow production, and Pac's verse is sweet.....Syke drops a nice verse too.....pretty much a song about dying young with nothing....4.5/5

10. Str8 Ballin - A Pac solo. The production is ok, but not as dope as it could have been, and the chorus is annoying......the song kinda drags overall, though Pac drops decent verses.........3.5/5

Overall, this is a slept on album......I like it better than Strictly 4 My Niggaz, Still I Rise, or UTEOT.........its about equal to 2Pacalypse Now, R U Still Down, and Better Dayz........of course, not as good as MATW, AEOM, or 7 Day Theory......this should be in EVERY Pac fans collection, and if you dont have it yet, what are you wating for??

final rating: 4/5

this, by the way, will be the first of several Tupac reviews ill be doing gonna review all his albums [minus Greatest Hits], so here is the first one......
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Re:2Pac - Thug Life Vol.1 review....
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2003, 02:42:25 PM »
Nice review homie, I pretty much agree with everything you say. It's one of those short but solid albums you can just let play from start to end without a break. It's less polished than most of his other albums, but in that way marks a midway point to the change of sound between Strictly... and MATW; rugged but still smooth in that Cali sunshine kinda way you mention. Probably the only tune I'm not 100% feeling is Street Fame, but other than that, a solid 4 stars for me.
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Re:2Pac - Thug Life Vol.1 review....
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2003, 08:35:26 PM »
Defo agreeing with your review hellrazor....4/5


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Re:2Pac - Thug Life Vol.1 review....
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2003, 11:24:23 PM »
Nice review Hellrazor... my homie introduced me to this album years ago and i have loved it since then...

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