Author Topic: The truth about sperm bombs...And why I now hate Bush, and all his supporters.  (Read 96 times)


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This was recorded from a REAL US Army meeting, Russ Limbaugh said it, and gave a link to the transcript.


General Willis: Now boys, in this war, we're gonna beat those bastards. Some of you may die; hell, I might die...But we know those Arab bitches like our cum just as much as our wives do. In fact, we predict problems from some wives refusing to give up the sperm.

Doctor AG Abrams: Now, though this scenario is only hypothetical, following onto our theory that Al Qaeda is made of robots, we predict the following situation will happen. When the sperm bombs fall on the enemy, the programmed response will be "Mohammed Bot, don't die! We need to kill those American infidels!"

NSA Advisor Perelman: Also, considering our overall aim of boosting minority recruitment, any friendly fire will not be a problem, and it will all go towards our aim of a purer America.


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Lmfao, I know where this came from.

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I'm surprised people haven't read this. This proves Bush is an evil madman. *shrugs*

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