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Re: "Get the dick out your throat and go vote" - W Balls -
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But even though there are some tradions which are Sahih, when it is contrary 2 the quran, we take the Quran.
There is a group that emerged the last 200 years that says No, Sahih is Sahih and we should take everything.
But That group which has got the loudest voice today. But not in the 1200 years before.

Shukron brother, I'm happy to hear that you agree with me in that regard.  The group you are referring to that emerged 200 years ago I assume is the Wahhabi movement.  And yes, unfortunately they have the loudest voice these days because they are backed by all that Saudi oil money and have been able to influence even more moderate Sunni's.  

I am refreshed to hear from another brother such sentiment.  Also, thank you for supplying the clip and I will certainly check it out when I have time.  Keep blessin the board..
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