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Look what I saw at the Eminem board...
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Flawless Music Ent. New CD!!!!
Flawless Music Entertainment is proud to announce that we are releasing our first album on December 18, 2001! The group is CONTRAVERSY with their debut album INNER CONFLICTS. Album features Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Kam, Diamonique, Phame & more!


CONTRAVERSY - INNER CONFLICTS....a war between the light & dark sides of life! Artists such as Kurupt, The Outlawz, MC Eiht, The Whoridaz, and many others have sought the indescribable production talents of Los Angeles based producer/rapper/CEO FLAWLESS. After much success with his debut album, My Heart, My Soul, My Life, DAIZER has captured the hearts of rap fans nationwide.
Together FLAWLESS & DAIZER have united to form the group CONTRAVERSY. This all-important first release has been has been a lifetime in the making, taking the listener on a journey of emotions. CONTRAVERSY brings heat from the first to the last track. Platinum status beats with deep heart felt flows. If you don't feel ain't breathin'. Perfection is never easy to attain. FLAWLESS & DAIZER, together as CONTRAVERSY, have reached that level and are out to prove it!


- Servicing of the singles "Hey Momi" & "Get Props featuring Kam" to Urban/Rap/R&B/College radio & club DJ's.
- Servicing of specialty shops, satellite & digital cable providers for in-home and in-store play, such as, music retail outlets, barber shops, restaurant, & clothing stores nationally for play.
- Editorial coverage and major media ads in magazines & key periodicals.
- Aggressive 3-month radio, marketing, & street promotional campaign in key markets & regions.
- Servicing of 30-second commercial to analog * digital cable providers for viewing on key channels.
- Aggressive on-line promotions via also to include monthly giveaways.
- P.O.P. & other merchandising available.

Additional Information -

Contraversy's singles "Hey Momi" & "Get Props feat. Kam" is currently being played on the following:

- KPWR (Power 106) - Los Angeles, CA
- KGGI - Riverside, CA
- KCDY - Carlsbad, NM

and as of 11/19 will be added to the largest digital music subscription service, DMX Music. DMX Music has 80 Million Daily Listeners in 8.8 Million Homes, in 180,000 Businesses & 31 Airlines Worldwide.

Over 1000 pre-sales taken through companies web site

For additional information or wholesale ordering please contact: Flawless via e-mail at

Order the album now at,,,

Please visit the website for samples of music.

"Perfection can only be attained by those who are FLAWLESS."
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Re: Look what I saw at the Eminem board...
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Yeah, someone posted it over at the Dre2001 forum too, I think it's coo'  :)
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I think that if you take one of the 'O's' out of 'Good' it's 'God', if you add a 'D' to 'Evil' it's the 'Devil'. I think some cool motherfucker sat down a long time ago and said 'let's figure out a way to control motherfuckers'.


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Re: Look what I saw at the Eminem board...
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Loc, If You See This Do You Mind If I Copy And Paste That And Put It Up At Some Message Boards I Go To.
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