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The downward spiral into dictatorial rule
« on: January 19, 2013, 10:15:46 AM »
I am not sure where to begin with this, but let's first of all begin with this ridiculous notion that the government would not have orchestrated a false flag event in order to further an agenda.

At this point we will ignore the fact that the chemical weapons which at one point he did possess were obtained not through the likes of China, but were in fact acquired through the western country's. We must not overlook the fact that Iraq had been utilised in the past as a proxy agent to attack Iran. However the geopolitical chess board never remains intact forever as pieces are sacrificed/thrown to the wolves. So let's consider that the underlying pretext for the first gulf war was horrifying tales which were given before the congress by a Kuwaiti woman who spoke of witnessing babies being thrown from the incubators by these monstrous iraqi soldiers. Now before this woman would have been allowed to stand before the cameras and give this heart wrenching account of suffering, she would have been vetted, her background would have been identified to know who she was, where she was from, her affiliations, her political beliefs, her place in society and so on. So after this story had been conveyed to a world wide audience outrage enveloped the nations of the world, particularly in the west as this was truly confirmation that this mad man needed to be stopped.

Oh but wait, this wasn't a security screw up, in fact let me paint the picture even more accurately for you, those in attendance, that is the congress people knew exactly who this woman was and why would they know? because this evil bitch was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to USA. I don't know how many thousands of iraqis were killed, but we do know that this was the first time we later heard about gulf war syndrome. This has never been categorically proved, or rather no one wants to look into it but we do know that they were employing various chemicals in the battle ground and it's plausible that what they were employing was the cause of this. We aren't talking about a small fraction of the number of soldiers and civilian workers who were being utilised at the time, I have read that up to a third or more of the veterans have been suffering from debilitating impairments, chronic diseases, chronic fatigue, just a multitude of horror.

So the western power brokers were willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of soldiers, they were willing to attack without provocation a country which had never threatened America. They were willing and went on to use depleted uranium which is probably one of the key factors in the crippling conditions which veterans now suffer from. They were happy to hoodwink the people into believing the heart wrenching lies and viewed life on both sides as entirely collateral damage. Yet in order to prolong the political capital decided to allow Saddam to remain in a position of power because the people who moving the pieces are not interested in the immediacy of things, they are tabling their actions around moves which will come into effect several years from that point.

I am going to skip past Yugoslavia not because it isn't important but simply because it does not in itself directly link to the bigger picture. Yugoslavia was just part of a plan to break up the Baltic area because it was rejecting outside assistance from the IMF which is something you don't do. Or at least it's something you don't do without powerful allies, Russia, pretty much abandoned Yugoslavia while NATO held a gun against their head until they relinquished any notions of resisting.

Let's fast forward the clock to 2001, firstly we know that Saddam Hussein even if you countenance the idea of September 11 being entirely without any nefarious involvement from cells of government and or those agencies connected to, had no involvement with September 11th and yet the story was essentially sold that there were ties between his regime and the supposed perpetrators of those attacks, In addition to which we were told that he held weapons of mass destruction. We were given supposed captured images of how he was transporting those weapons and even were informed in a very alarming manner that such weapons could be ready to be deployed within 45 minutes.

Yet in the interim there were very real questions being asked about 911 how the fuck does a passport survive the smouldering heat enough to be recovered with just a tiny scorch mark which just happens to be the supposed ring leader? why are there is there no footage of the supposed hijackers boarding the planes, why were the tapes seized from the surrounding buildings around the Pentagon and then never released? how the hell does Building 7 fall like that? how could the planes have been flown so perfectly into the buildings when these people were not good pilots? and the list goes on. However only a matter of weeks after Anthrax attacks as New York is once again under attack. These questions are suddenly yesterdays news as the terrorists are once again attacking America. America was gripped in a state of fear. After a while passes we are told that the culprit was in fact a scientist, of course motive was never really established and problem goes away after a supposed suicide.

A few weeks after the London bombings again the same MO as a literal fake attack takes place, displacing all questions about the original attack including how the fuck can a bomb explode on a train and yet the metal has clearly been pushed upwards? why is there is no CCTV footage of what happened on the bus? why is there no CCTV footage of what happened on the trains? Yet again, none of that mattered, this was old news, now England wasn't safe from this terrorism insanity.

A horrific bombing takes place in Bali, now the australians are the target for these supposed cold blooded muslims. The question isn't whether there was an intention to detonate a bomb, there clearly was as the supposed mastermind admitted HOWEVER he stated in court that the bomb he created could not have caused the damage which the bomb that went off caused. In fact so tremendously powerful was the bomb that went off that it caused a huge crater in the ground and yet the part of the licence plate remained intact which allowed them to track down the guy behind it. This is what these chess players do, they want people to suspend all logic and reason because otherwise their fables do not work.

Yet still we are told, I am told too, that to entertain the notion that "they" would would kill or stage in some way a shooting incident is crazy. Again, what this relies upon is to suspend logic and to dispose of previous memories. Only in this case we don't need to look back too far, as fast and furious was an official operation to flood the Mexican Cartels with guns and then blame the resulting killings on the second amendment. So once again they WERE going to sacrifice many people, men women, children, whatever the fuck, in order to reach a political goal. This operation was foiled, but what's more, Eric Holder was even implicated in this as he too had knowledge of this.

So fast forward to the last few months, we are told that each event is lone gunmen yet there  is NO SECURITY FOOTAGE, CNN drops the baphomet symbol in their report on 3 seperate occassions, there is something very wrong about all of this, we are told that Robbie Parker's unorthodoxy in front of the camera is "grief" nervous laughter, yet we see him smiling, laughing, and then asking the camera man if they are rolling and THEN he gets into character. Hey look CNN's Anderson holds up a painting and out of all the paintings it could possibly be it's an owl!. For those that don't get it yet, I will repeat that again, on 3 occassions during the tribute to the fallen teacher we are shown the Baphomet symbol and then in a seperate interview on the same network Anderson tells us Emilie drew an owl, Molik is the Owl god, the god of wisdom and Emilie just happened to have painted that did she?!.

We are told that Holmes goes ape shit in the cinema blasting anything that moves, but then has the presence of mind to stand with his arms cooly against the car so that the police can not shoot him.

So to summarise we have NO CCTV evidence of what occurred on the trains in the London bombings
No CCTV of the Pentagon
The 911 report does not even bother to address the question of the massive number of put options which show prior knowledge that the airline stocks were about to go down BIG TIME.
We have the Americans in complicit co-operation with the other intelligence services sacrificing the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers (both in the physical and mental sense) parading a Kuwaiti Ambassador's daughter to perform the sickening lie needed for the gulf war PR.
We have 2 attacks occurring almost straight after the first 2 in the west which completely distract away from the questions being raised, one of which had NOTHING to do with Al Quaida and the other was literally a fake attacks where no bombs were used.
We have Operation Gladio a campaign which was fully exposed in Italian court detailing how stay behind units in Europe murdered Europeans.... men women and children in order to stave off the threat of communism influencing Europe.
We have had Western/NATO forces using islamic fighters to attack Yugoslavia, to burn, raper and pillage villages in order to trigger reprisals which they would then frame as out of control murderous intent.
Fast and Furious which has demonstrated what treachery and murderous intent these psyhopaths possess and no one is made to pay for it.
We once again have NO video footage of what occurred in the cinema and Sandy Hook and now we learn these fuckers want to pull it down which of course will lead to us never getting to the bottom of it.
We have seen and heard in the words of the parents so many buzz words, which would suggest they are reading from a fucking script.
We have seen in at least 4 instances the use of Occult symbolism in the Sandy Hook shootings.
We have not heard from the kids that were involved at all.
We are just told to accept that at a school only 14 miles away from Sandy Hook they just happened to be carrying out a Disaster planning for Children scenario at the same time that the shootings occurred.

So finally, we see Obama declaring that he will use executive orders to circumvent Congress. At this stage in this chess game I can only laugh at how utterly brainwashed people are, that is, those who were outraged at Bush using dictatorial powers bypassing any form of democracy and yet praising Obama for his strength in adopting exactly the same things. Why oh why are they so desperate to take the guns?

Do people need a picture drawn every time man?

The patriot acts were implemented to dismay and horror as they are routinely now used to prosecute on non terrorism offences.
The military commissions act brought even more horror as Non american citizens could be indefinitely detained and tortured (although not to the point of organ failure, how sweet)
The dollar is losing all of it's power, the far east is moving away from the dollar, the U.S geopolitical power is collapsing.
Then that treasonous fuck Obama, (I can almost hear people saying that when you use such words against their god) along with the other treasonous fucks in congress and the senate approve of a new power allowing for anyone who the government decides is a threat to THEM to be locked up forever because they can.
It sounds like something from a conspiracy theory, which has no basis to it and yet that is actually what they have done

Now they are declaring that guns are to be the target, this is stuff out of a nightmare and yet it's really happening. Not only that, but this chaos is being tacitly supported by large swathes of people. That is the most shocking part, that most people don't stand for shit, they are spineless motherfuckers, brainless mother fuckers, who literally repeat what they are told with a complete inability to understand what this means. They don't even belong on a chessboard, calling them pawns is just too kind.

P.S If you wanted proof of how the establishment view the majority as mindless sheep, look no further than Obama bringing the kids out and high fiving with them. This is the perfect emotional leverage as they know that "doing it for the kids" is a very simple and short message snappy message which will resonate inside the empty shells of so many people.
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