Author Topic: 27 dead in elementary school shooting.....this shit has to be a set-up  (Read 5470 times)


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Re: 27 dead in elementary school shooting.....this shit has to be a set-up
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This action is completely worthless. It prevents absolutely nothing. So in this particular case: it would've been better off not reacting in this manner. Something bad happens so you punish the responsible gun owners who are least likely to jeopardize their 2nd amendment right? Government incompetency at its finest.

Analogy: This is like if I were trying to stop people from eating unhealthy. I limit you to only buying 1 hamburger from a McDonald's location. Only thing is, there's a McDonald's on every other block (at least in Murica) and you can still get as much unhealthy shit food as you want. It's a slight inconvenience, but it stops nothing if someone is determined enough to cause harm (in this case, to themselves).

If you're going to make a law, at least make it effective. I think the majority of us in this thread could of come up with a better alternative.

So inaction isn't the key. At least we're making progress here !!
Of course inaction is not the key. But passing a bullshit law isn't the right thing either. As a matter of fact, passing some BS worthless law is just the easy way out of a true solution for politicians.

If people focused more on the real issue, which is a societal issue, instead of blaming this problem all on the guns, then maybe we would be making some actual progress. But let's just keep focusing on guns and punishing a segment of the population who had nothing to do with a mass shooting of a drive-by. Yeah.......that'll take care of the problem.

You can't just reeducate and rehabilitate a nation overnight.

I imagine this is a small part of a much bigger plan - to get the people used to change.

Like me showing u how to fold paper

Next week we make an airplane :heart:
Well, I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, but I agree with you that an issue can't be solved overnight and its not that simple.

All good I was being serious. That last bit was a joke btw