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Re: new deathrow leaks
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Can some one up that Danny boy and petay track seperte please thanks guys happy holidays


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Re: new deathrow leaks
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Thanks bro much appciated


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Re: new deathrow leaks
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any other links to download the danny boy sessions vol 1 pleeeeease :D


Re: new deathrow leaks
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where does get all this stuff??? i guess it was it leaked for the 20th anniversary of the chronic being released. i guess some more stuff coming tomorrow
I've always assumed you had someone who works at or near the Vault at Death Row, they steal or copy a lot of the records, then go through it, either Keep the shit for themselves or they Sell it to over-zealous wiggers. Then the Wiggers share it amongst there friends/Sell it to other over zealous wiggers, and eventually it spreads to the point where someone leaks it to the general public.The more rare or demand for a song they probably jack up the price, or don't even share because they want to be elitist retards who think because they own a certain track they either better then everyone else or hardcore in some way. Either way leaks are leaks.  8)

Or maybe it's because people don't want to freely give away something "they" have paid money for? Everyone is always expecting free hand outs. The world doesn't work that way
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Re: new deathrow leaks
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LBC Crew tracks

EDIT: Just realised I know the instrumental from 'Crooked' - it was used on the Mista Grimm album and was produced by Bobby 'Bobcat' Erving
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