Author Topic: NEW Master P "Brick To a Million" off upcoming "Al Capone" mixtape (01-16-2013)  (Read 1575 times)

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it's a magazine dumbass and they cover stories and such like anyone else could. you don't even know the details so shut your simple simon ass up !!!!!!!!!

aahhhaha , dumb muthafucka . :P i know about the details, iŽve read from many sources ,unlike you .


and lol , who you calling simple . compared to you i am chess, you are hungry hungry hippos. :D

now be a good boy and tell a momma joke for us .

this master p mixtape got so much praise iŽll have to check it out
you are uno and i'm chess fuck face you better remember that. now go finish playin' hide and go get it wit your relatives.
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if theres no proof he committed the murder, he shouldn't be locked up...simple as that

as for the mixtape, any1 got a link?