Author Topic: heres a little game for yall  (Read 54 times)


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heres a little game for yall
« on: March 02, 2003, 05:42:03 AM »
alright peeps this is the game its simple all you got to do is put a line/quote down and someones gotta guess who its by you must list whether the artist is west or east etc and you gotta say if its underground alot of peeps dont know sum underground mcs so ill start you of wit some easy ones

westcoast mc
If I ride duce yo ass, im like wind in the sky
Traveling, yea see you in traffic or not
Thinking im giving up plastic im not
You got your nerve, you wanted to buy her an ring
Called her on the phone, there you go you got your ring
Told the hoe she can go on and do your thang
Hit the streets why you at it bitch buy me an chain
Flip the game, like im fliping an bird
What's the word, leave them flush, while im rollin pimp out plus

eastcoast mc

Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top
Chillin on the scene, smokin pounds of green
Oooh-wee, you see, the ugliest
Money-hungriest, Brooklyn Loch Ness
Nine millimeter cock test, wan fi' test?
And the winner is..

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