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2 more freestyles
« on: March 06, 2003, 12:07:31 AM »
Little Sista

i wish these niggas would just stop hassling
they think they are cool coz they get high of gasoline
but its fucking up their physique, they look like string beans
hands are always dirty, they dont know how to clean
i guess they have ruined their life, im only being honest im not trying to be mean
i dont know how to help them, i wish i knew how
my lil sista use to be so pretty, as pretty as a flower
but shes changed alot since the age of 12, see how she looks now
she gets high and calls my mother a cow
her and her friends all doped up looking like zombies
she'll never change, never be a good mummy
try and take her to family mass on sunday, but she cant even walk in a straight line, shes too clumsy
the next day for school she aint outta her room
i walk into check up on her and find a packet of shrooms
the doctor says shes a drug absuer and is doomed
shes still lying in her bed and hasnt moved
the doctor said shes in a coma and never will improve
so thats te life of my baby sista
its been 4 years now and we still dearly miss her


fucking woke up in a shitty mood
manager just rang and said i have to move
he said it as if ive got something to prove
it would be fine if that cunt wasnt so rude
pack my suitcases leave half my life behind
the manager said now ill have enough time
to write these rhymes, please god is this a sign
tell me now before i commit this crime
its getting worse, i can picture him in a hurse
who should go first him or his wife percey
shes up herself so she'll go first see
she gets up and runs, first shot into her knee
dripping blood that bitch make me thirsty
i drink her blood like a vampire
to finish her off ill strangle her with wire
to get rid of the evidence ill set the house on fire
walk the fuck to my car, damn flat tyre
grab his keys, drive off in mercedes
open the glove box, find 3 gs, hear him breathe
deeper and deeper, hes faced away on his knees
hes screaming Nigga Please!
i dont hold back pull the trigger, stupid mutherfucker never call me nigga
move the body over to the lexus
bury his body parts all over the state of texas
stupid managers should learn to respect us
sitting in my cell, im still acting nervous
its been 5 years, double murder in foe life
when i sleep i have night mares bout his wife
wheres a knife ive got to end it
find a rope, the lassoue is nice and bended
the last thought, my mother god i lover her


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Re:2 more freestyles
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2003, 11:17:09 AM »
Kinda weak but decent.

Keepin it REAL

Name may b differnt, but tha HaMMer still haz to b dropped.

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